*The hungry tears

I see tiny hands searching for food,
From the dust and leftovers under the dustbin's hood,
Tiny fingers, hungry soul,
Do they belong to another world?
Do they have a different soul ?

People walking past, throwing fleeting glance,
To the open, empty, waiting hands of the lesser mothers,
Just for a penny or two, for a stale bread, or a few,
For a lesser rising sun, unsure of the morning to come.

But just in case we happen to see,
A person who happens to be,
Someone beneficial, someone superficial,
Someone who can make us a bit rich,
Our wallet goes out of our pocket,
To throw a party with a fancy etiquette,
Just to please someone for our own selfish interest.

Why is it people spend lavishly for their own happiness,
When they can share it with those sitting outside their empty corridor,
Why never a heart skips a beat beholding someone,
Picking up a priceless grain of rice flowing like a majestic swan down the drains ?

Are we the child of the God,
Or is it the demon who has taken over us,
And made us so blind even under the brightest sunlight ?
Maybe the latter one is correct,
Cos we aren't humane.
We are self centered geek,
Our love is spread among the deserving,
We care less for the child who's craving,
Starving when they are awake,
Starving while asleep,
Almost dying!

Pitying them won't do at all,
Cos they don’t deserve to die,
They are the child of the same god.
Just as our own loving child!

*Dark Angel*


  1. hEY Dark Angel you go for "D"


  2. This was Faaaaaaaaan-wait for it till I read this awesome stuff one more time...Tasssticcc!!!!!:-D

  3. ahmmm...this is some serious and eye-opening post here Dark Angel.

    yes, everyone is indeed equal since we are all God's creation.Though reality bites that sometimes inequality prevails. Tsk!

  4. wat a poem.wow.m spellbound.such thought provoking syllables,soul wrenching rhythm.u r on ur path 2 gr8ness.truly.ur wrk hs improvd by leap and bounce.u hv grown taller wd ur evry creation.soon u wl b kissing the skies.i realy luvd ths wrk.gr8 stuff frm a greater person.

  5. We should be aware of not only our own reality but also try to understand and see reality from others point of view. You have been able to see that by being aware of someone else's reality.
    This is the first step towards building a compassionate heart and you already have that.

  6. Thanks for sharing, love the poem and the meaning xo
    would you like to follow each other?


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