Pictures give me comfort when I have no words to speak,
I know am different from the rest of people,
But I chose to be me!

I don’t wanna get lost in the crowd,
Trust me, am a girl, I too have a dream.
I have my wings, I wish to fly,
To a distant faraway land,
a wonder world!

A place where people were kind,
People were loving and giving,
a place where one could love,
like its a Godly thing!
A place where none was stranger,
A place where everyone was family,
I wanna fly away to a place so gleam!

I am still a stranger to this weird world,
I can't understand its people,
Or they can't understand the me I am,
everything seems nothing but illusion!

Even though am bursting into tears,
I chose not to utter a word,
My voice lost its speech,
Am numbed to silence forever!
I am lost, I can't stand up tall,
I know what am doing is all wrong,
My heart is crying blood,
I can see pain eating me out,
I can't move my feeble body how hard I try.

I see grey everywhere,
Grey hair, grey ashes,
I am not colorblind,
But am blinded by life!
I wish heart could speak,
So could my mind,
Because am numbed to silence,
I chose not to say a word.

I chose to speak through silence,
Cos am shattered, am broken to innumerable pieces,
My world is shaking in front of me,
Everything is coming upside down.
Yet I chose to remain silent,
Cos I can't speak a word!

 *Dark Angel*


  1. Although you are going through some uncertain times, I have to admit what a marvelous poem you have penned !
    DA, Nothing matters really.
    Everything is as it is, as it should be, as it ought to be...even pain. Even if it hurts. This is the natural course of event, nothing is unnatural.
    You need to HEAL.
    Things and events happen to us so that we can move on to the next chapter of life. The harder the truth is ,the deeper the hurt is, the stronger you will emerge from it and looking back you will realize that you needed this for your evolution.
    I do not know what you are going through so please pardon me ,while writing all this I may have said something unrelated.
    I just want to give you some hope.
    All I want to say to you is :
    Whatever happens, whatever is happening , I am with you.
    If you want to share anything you can mail me.
    Take care,

    1. How did you know what situation I was going through? you surely can read my mind. Well, you helped me in some way you are not aware of! But its all good now..thanks for loving my poetry : )

  2. what a poem.what a work.realy Dark Angel u r creating magic wd ur evry new post.wat a topic u chose?wow.i m bowled over wd th passion u hv displayed in ths poem.i salute u ma'am.keep it up.

    1. Hahaaa...magic! I like this word : D
      Thanks for loving my poetry, and thanks for such a positive thought : )

  3. D.A.. I'm speechless.. this is really beautiful! Sometimes it's better to be silent than saying something and get hurt.. I hope your life will be full of colours.. you can see the colours that makes you happy, makes you smile.. if not just visit my blog and you can see colours everywhere til you go blind! lol..

    1. Yes, its better to stay silent than to speak a 1000 words which will fall in deaf ears!
      Thanks for loving this poetry of mine : )

  4. wow! such a nice blog! :)
    please visit mine http://jeniferbalatico.blogspot.com/

    feel free to follow my blog and let me know your thoughts THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, would surely visit yours soon, keep coming back : )

  5. Remember Dark Angel...Speech is as shallow as time...but silence is as deep as eternity...

    What a great poem you have here!!! Four thumbs up!!


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