*laugh it off ; )

Hello everybody,
tried to do a funny post, and guess what, I found a picture which goes with my funny mood! hahaa..
took this outfit pic yesterday, and edited to have all the fun

a cute little girl! I don't stop from messing with kids aswell..
btw..that's my shade she's wearing!! hahaaaa

And a nailart, almost random nail colors!!

So, that's pretty much it. hope to come back soon.
Take care.


  1. Cute post, love the photos, that little girl rocks! Love your shirt and those different colored nails.
    Most important : I love the imagination behind these pictures:-)
    have a nice day!

  2. What big shades are those!!! The little girl looked like a beetle...And the nail colors are just so eye-catching..LOL!

  3. I'd love having nails like that!
    Idk why but I can't ever manage to apply them properly :|

    1. Thank you. You should try wearing them often. Its too easy : )


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