*Love you

When you know you are in love,
The world falls back together,
It goes round n round to a perfect circle,
Just like the mother earth.

You reach a stage where you act like saint,
You speak words of peace n faith,
And look back with a smile and revenge less face.

When you feel love, you give love more,
It’s a blessed feeling not many can understand its pure essence.

Love is sweet, love is dream, love is being free,
Love is sacrifice, love is silent cry,
Love is caring; love is not expecting, but all about giving.

Maybe I found love in a loveless state, in a person.
I see myself standing in the periphery of darkness,
falling into the valley of love,
From darkness, to light,
The light named love, I can't resist this fall, am rather lazy,
and loving the free fall instead!

Don’t know where I will end, don’t know how I would begin to love,
Cos am already too much in love, but I can't express my feeling,
But either way, am loving the situation am in.
Slightly confused, slightly silly,
But I love him, yeah, am crazy ; )

*Dark Angel*


  1. You are looking so lovely DA, love your smiling face .
    I am happy that love is bringing you back from darkness to light, really !
    And thanks for sharing this poem with us at around midnight because this is the time when people are least likely to think about love but then I needed this!
    for love is the reason that gives me hope and solves all my problems. I am forever in love with the idea of love itself !
    Good night !

    1. Just so true, Love is what binds us together!

  2. This one is awesome...but one thing is evident from it....
    The person for whom you have composed it...feels himself lucky enough...that much I can guarantee for sure!!!

    1. Awww..thanks Mr or Ms Anonymous : P
      but how can you be so sure? ; )

  3. How Suwit!!! ahahah...I saw ants running by...this post is just so sweet!!!

    1. hahahaaa...your comment is the sweetest key : )

  4. okay so your blog is the most unique blog i have ever seen
    But got scared of that lizard lol :D
    loved ur posts dear

    1. ya, am scared of lizard too, but I love clicking its picture, lol.
      Thanks for your feedback : )

  5. I could not agree more, you're in ♥!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Awe! You are in love dear! Congratulations!


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  9. You have a way with words...

  10. keep njoying the free fall, and keep producing such magic.u r realy th best thng 2 hv happend 2 modern literature :-)

    1. Okay..am enjoying...but thanks for loving my poem..that made me more happy : )


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