I never knew I could write a song,
Until I started to scribble with my pen,
I never knew I could love,
Until, I met you again.
Time and tide waits for none,
Me and you, we had to depart.
To someplace we are not aware of,
Yet, goodbye seemed best of all.
We walked away,
Alone, but not lonely this time I was.
For, I had a dream, which took a leap forward.
I tried to catch it with my feeble hands,
I missed it time and again,
Yet I didn’t give up,
Though, I was sure of fail.

I carried hope in a tiny pocket.
I tried to forgive, and forget,
And look forward with heads tall.
I tried to shrug off the pain,
But a part of me couldn’t forget you,
It kept murmuring, how much it misses you.
I didn’t care to listen; I tried to strum the chords,
wrote a bunch of few sad and romantic songs!
Days passed, and nights went by,
I kept on wishing on the falling star up above the sky,
For a miracle, just once,
Though I didn’t know what I should wish for,
But I wished for a miracle of God's choice!
And alas, I received fame, I got my fortune,
And above all, I got back you!
A dream comes true!

*Dark Angel*


  1. "Maybe"...... this word sums it up ! As long as there is hope, there is life, if not the old life then the hope of a new life..or that old life/love in a "new" incarnation !
    Loved this poetry of the soul, so much can be expressed through a poem,so little with words...
    I really like how you weave words together..."carrying hope in a little pocket"- amazingly soulful!
    all the best,

    1. Thanks a lot for loving this poetry, well, I try to express my emotions through very simple words! : )

  2. Beautiful writing dear!


  3. loved the lines "I never knew I could love, Until, I met you again."

    But yes I m glad that the poem ends in a happy note...that's what all love stories should have, a happy ending :-)

    1. Thanks Green Speck for appreciating this poetry : )

  4. "A dream comes true"
    How I wish good dreams always come true! Nice poem! ^_^


  5. re: Thank you for such a lovely comment on my previous post :)

    Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Green Vs Blue


    1. Sure thing! Thanks for reminding, have a great day : )


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