*Pictures, Poetry and an award...can't get any better ; )

Hey everybody,
the weather is too humid here, am counting days for rain to arrive here. So anyways 
I found some old pictures of me like 3 years back and I found out that I used to love red lippies, interesting!

A short poetry I penned down, thought to share...

I am a girl,
I don’t wanna be stereotypical material,
I wanna be me,
A person that I chose to be the day I was born.
I wanna be the person,
Waiting at a subway station, reading a fairytale,

I wanna be a girl who enjoy every bit of life on her own!

Well, it's just me..a girl who believes there is God within.

Am stupid I know, I make mistakes, a lot,
But believe me, they don't mean a thing to me anymore.

Past has passed, just like the clouds in the sky,
I don't live in the future though,
Am more of a dreamer than an optimist,
I know its weird to believe the future is full of mysteries,
But I believe in magic! 
Am a conjurer I feel,
So here's me the wonder girl with her magic wand,
I wanna spell love to each fellow earthling!

And something that made me happy, I received versatile blogger award from one of an inspiring blogger friend Fida Bosu, I thank her from the core of my heart, do check her blog guys, she's awesome : )

Okay, before ending this post I want to add, I did my first guest post here, do check it : )
will be back soon,
take care.


  1. Congrats on the award! Red lippies are awesome! Your header freaks me out every effing time! LOL!

    1. Thank you, ha ha ha...chill out, those are just still photo's! ; )

  2. an award tht u realy deservd...kudos...and ya th pics luk nice...red is ur color i wud say...ur poem is gud as always...autobiographical i wud say...anyways a pleasant post it was :-)

  3. AWESOME! Another writer :)
    I saw your post on Albert's blog and headed on over :)
    Thought that was a cool story btw; I love how you integrated the photos and text!
    I personally have never liked dogs per say, but that's more because I have no idea how to pick them up/react around them... yes I'm a little insane
    Hey, wanna take a look my mine own writing blog?
    thanks for reading!

    1. Thank you Jessica : ) Yeah, I too get confused with handling them, but whatever, they are cute!
      I would surely visit your blog soon.

  4. DA, what a awesome poem you have penned on girl power ! I really really like the essence of the poem because that is what I feel about myself too. Everybody writes from their heart but everybody does not have a "talented heart"{now what is that ? just a term I coined now, :-)} nor the 'wisdom', which comes across in you writing. You are so right about facing the mystery called life-to live in uncertainty is the essence of life.
    And congrats for getting the award from Fida ! You deserve it.
    I am going to read your guest post now.
    love and hugs,

    1. "talented heart" ha ha...that's an interesting term! I will note it down.
      Thanks for loving this poetry! : )

  5. You should totally write songs!!!!!:-D You will sell like smoking hot cakes...with molten chocolate in them thrown in for good measure...;-)


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