When I feel lost, I stay in isolation, away from people, and their complicated thoughts. I try to forget everything, cos world is just an illusion!
Am I encountering philosophical mood? Not sure..
Penned down few lines..
Took a picture this evening..
Thought to share..

I look back with tired eyes,
I know not how long it's been am walking this path of life,
I see none coming or going by,
Am all alone in the journey of life!
I try to question my inner self,
Why am in this eternal quest?
The quest of life and sudden death?
I am sure of defeat..yet I chose to play!

I gain myself, I try to look around,
I look in the ground,
Its welcoming me to another world,
It’s a one way ride am sure of,
I can't return, neither do I want to!
The quest of new life is luring me,
I don't know where I will end up,
Though am a lazy bone,
I don’t aim to give up!
Life is an eternal journey,
Am its traveler,
Am waiting eagerly to reach my destination, my mysterious future!

*Dark Angel*


  1. You hv clearly portrayed the feelings of every human being in the modern era. Life indeed is a journey and we are the travellers. None of us knows the destination. Yet we move on. A rather mature thought from a person so young. As always, it was a pleasure to read this.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words once again. Made my day : )

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  3. It is a thought that strikes in mind once in everyone's life.Your poetry wasn't that much philosophical rather truly the questions a mind asks.
    Your clicks are amazing in the header as well as the one in this post.
    And life is but illusion..lets hope we will find something real in it someday.

    1. Thank you Alcina : )
      Thanks for liking my photography and my poetry, I hope you to see you here again :)

  4. Nicely portrayed feelings through beautiful words !

  5. Hello Dark Angel!
    Thank you for joining my blog. Much appreciated! :)

    I used to have similar feelings with the ones portrayed in this poem. But somehow, I have come to like the unpredictability of life. Mysteries are fun! :D

    BTW, I like the quotes on your sidebar. A few of them are amongst my all time favorites.

    1. Thanks Sui, absolutely, Mysteries are actually fun ; )

  6. I isolate myself too. I don't know whether it's good or bad, but that is what I need then. So yeah :$
    You need to teach me how to apply nail paint properly :p
    Also, beautiful lines there!

    1. Thanks B, Isolation is the best medicine.
      Well, you can apply them you know, not that tough, but you got to sit still for at least a minute or two ; )

  7. A beautiful poem indeed. You wrote " I look back with tired eyes", Sometimes, I look forward with tired eyes, don't know what is in store for me. Let life be a mystery, or a game of treasure hunt, let me hunt for happiness in all the places, both known and unknown.
    Love your creative photography !
    Take care,

    1. yes, happiness is all we need, but at times finding happiness is tiring too!
      but we should never give up on anything.
      thanks for your feedback, much appreciated : )

  8. Yes, I have certainly felt the same before. But later on, I have adapted and accepted that there are things that we could predict and everything is still a mystery until you see the answers.

    This reminds me a famous quote from Kung Fu PAnda... "Yesterday is History, the Future is a Mystery, but Today is gift, that's why it is called present."

    More smiles to you Dark ANgel!

    1. Thanks for your feedback key, your thought is always something different and inspiring : )

  9. Thumbs up for this beautiful poem! I was engrossed in reading this one. I could feel the emotions sprouting from each line.


    By the way, you're the next A-Z Guest Post contributor. Done with the "C" hope you could make it within this weekdays! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Albert, am glad you liked it. I am ready with mine, I will surely mail you this week.


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