*Devil's own

Am loosing myself,
I tried to gain control,
But I can't, am half dead.
My body, now devils own!
I can feel worms crawling through the open wounds,
Bloods oozing out,
It's eating me alive, lingering pain all over,
Now a devil's slave I am!
Am working against my body,
I can feel pain screeching its nail through my skin,
Tearing my flesh,
Pain welcoming me with all its warmth,
Is it what I wanted?
I know not, I can't feel the person I am.
Not anymore.
Darkness behind me, darkness by my side,
Darkness right in front,
I can't see a clear blue sky!
A human I was, now a disgrace to God's creation!
I can't laugh at my image anymore,
Cos am…now, devils own!


*Dark Angel*


  1. Say if you meet the devil,ask him if having only one eye assume an eerie red color is cool and chic by Hell standards!!!!:-) And what's with you gal? Some posts ago you were all rooting for God and all.And now you switched sides!!:-D

    1. There is a constant war b/w God n Devil within me, n this time Mr.Devil won the match! Lets see what happens next! Ha ha

  2. I think you need to have a deep time with Him...it seems that something is troubling you my friend...

    Your pic looks scary.....

    1. Hmm. I think I do need some time with him! Yeah, I made it to look scary!

  3. Wow...what a devilish poem :-P so different from the ones you normally write...but ya, i liked it...there is a devil in all of us, and very few admit it...ur poem gave a whole new dimension to the meaning of evil...gr8 work as always :-)

  4. rich description, good choice of words. although i have to admit i'm not comfortable with it's eeriness. still did a good job though :)

    btw i write too :) maybe we can follow and read each other? :)


    1. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for appreciating : )

  5. DA, love this poem on the constant struggle between two aspects /images of soul.
    Yes, life is a constant battle between the two sides-light and the dark , sometimes the light degenerates into the dark and the dark awakens to the light-for me the latter is true. The confusion is over.


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