*Godly Satan

There is a constant war within my soul,
The Satan as well God won!
A part of me is good it means,
While the other part is as bad, beyond you can imagine.
I am devil's disciple, as well God's child.
I know when Satan rules me, God frowns,
Because, God doesn’t want Satan to rule his beloved child.
But my soul is thirsty of God's love, and Satan's power,
It needs both of them to unleash its true nature,
A human on prowl for freedom..
That's me, just not a simple girl, as I seem.
Don’t hurt me, cos Satan won't like it,
And God won't either,
Because both of them loves me,
And they will crucify the preacher!
So peace out and chill,
Am not harmful, unless you put me in!


*Dark Angel*


  1. Hello DA, I can understand this constant struggle of your soul between two extremes. {Read my comment in your last post}.
    At times, darkness awakens to light and sometimes, light degenerates into darkness. It seems that you are aware of both-and now it is your choice.-to move between the two or to hold on to one-
    For me, as I have said earlier, The struggle is over.
    The picture represents the duality really well.
    Good luck !

    1. Thanks, yeah, life has two extremities, and am lucky to have these two within me!

  2. Quite a mature poem I would say...nut true indeed...we all are children of both God and Satan...good and evil resides in our heart in equal proportions...in that way any1 can related with your poem...quite a thoughtful one indeed :-)


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