Light keeps me alive,
Darkness takes the soul off me,
Night welcomes devil!

Peace within, restored,
Trust broken, lost forever,
Lust gone forever!

Am refined, again,
Rebirth out of deadly pain!
I can't fall in love.

Can't lose me again,
Crowd scares me, masked faces,
Am not done with love!


Another haiku that I tried just now, counts 5-7-5, a bit tough, cos I just started with it, but yeah, its addicting! So, here's me updating another haiku! 


  1. This one is simply brilliant..I guess you have mastered the art of creating magical love poems by now...each of your work is so unique in style...yet they leave the same lasting impression long after they have been read.

    1. Thanks a lot..haiku is really addicting :)

  2. Haiku is definitely a very challenging form of poetry. You have started well with it. Enjoy your Haiku journey! :)

  3. You writing haiku,girl! Bravo! Loved it.:-)

  4. Another successful attempt at haiku writing. DA, I love the rhythm in it. This poem of yours, like some of your other poems, hinges on "the crossroad of life". You have expressed your dilemma and the act of coming out of it so beautifully through this poem.
    There is a lot of simplicity and innocence in haiku, so much is said /expressed in so few words-that is the art and you have mastered it , I feel.
    Have a beautiful weekend !

    1. Thank you, yeah, haiku is addicting, but is a bit tough at times, though I like how only few words can mean a lot! Thanks for appreciating :)

  5. oh this is nice.. It's nicee :) What's haiku?

    Thank you for your wonderful comment in my previous post <3

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    1. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry, originally named as Hokku, it consists of 17 syllables! form 5-7-5 is mostly used! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the invitation :)

  6. Thanks for the comment hun :) xx

  7. Ohhh...that's quite hard. I just had my second poem so I don't have the courage to take on challenges yet. I like it...dark and lovely!


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