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Hey everyone,

I have two more exams to go, and its on next week, so am back here, as you can see, I have changed the interface of my blog, cos I was pretty bored with the previous interface, so thought to give it a makeover, and also I made another blog, which I want to keep just for photography, and so I named it Blah! the sister of talk-sick dark angel!

I wrote a poetry, but my mood is too good to share it here, so I will talk about something else.

Recently I saw this movie, Beauty and the Briefcase, I saw this just because its a Hillary Duff movie, and I adore her a lot, from Lizzie McGuire days she's been my role model, I loved Mary kate, Ashley Olsen too, but they hardly act nowadays, so anyways, this movie is basically about Lane Daniels, played by Hillary Duff, who is mad about finding her magic man, she has a list of 10 things to find in a guy, he must be cute, handsome, with 6 packs abs, and she also wanted to include dimples, lol, she's too frustrated that everyone except her has a girlfriend or boyfriend, so anyways, she's been offered to write for Cosmopolitan magazine, or cosmo magazine, a contact given to her by her friend cum sister, Lane goes there, but couldn't satisfy the Lady with her idea of the cover story, and when she was about to bid goodbye, an idea came to her mind about finding love from within the men in suits! Thus she ends up with a fake CV, and goes undercover in a finance company, though she knows nothing! There she dates few of the guys, but at last ends up with someone who doesn't match with her list, her boss!

Wow! I loved this movie, it was too cute, romantic and a sweet story, the cast was perfect, and so was Hillary herself, I love her acting!

I really learned a lot from this movie, well I too knew that nobody is perfect, and there's none in the world who would match my list, I really don't like guys who accepts whatever I want to do, I hate them who doesn't have views of their own! I don't want a blind lover who would accept my rights as well wrongs blindly without uttering a word! But yeah, I too have a list..which is too personal, I can't share, but yeah, I don't prefer good looks, I prefer good mind and good heart, that's all I can say for now! ;)

until next time.. :)


  1. It seems you are also searching for a guy...keep it up :-P

    The movie sounds fun.... After reading your review, I too am planning to watch this movie :-)

    1. Nope, am searching for another cute movie! lol, yeah, you should see this movie, its a nice and sweet romantic comedy :)

  2. I watched the movie already.. It is a really enjoyable romantic comedy.. along with adorable Hillary Duff.. :)) Sometimes the right person for you was there all along. You just didn't see it because the wrong one was blocking the sight.. ;)


  3. I love the blog makeover-it is looking professional { using the word ,for the lack of any other proper word }, layout and font wise too. Keep it this way!
    I haven't watched the Hillary Duff movie, but thanks for the recommendation!
    I used to have a list for my dream man and my husband fitted the bill- it goes like this- progressive thinker having liberal views, intellectual, should be able to write poetry, reads books , must know how to cook /do household work, encourage me, doesn't care what I wear, respectful to the poor,good manners,no show off, etc.etc. But most of all, what I like about him {apart from this list thing} is that he has no anger or temper,he never gets angry,never.
    Anyway, I loved your writing and this new look.
    Keep it up !

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I needed it! yeah, watch that movie, its awesome! That sounds great, you are very lucky, and he is too lucky to have you as his soul mate :)


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