*The Sky calls my name!

Hello everyone, I've been away for awhile, exams started and I slept for 3 or 4 hours in a day this week! but yeah, am back again, cos I have few days in between till the next exam, and am pretty relaxed now!
Today, I want to share few snaps I took recently, and a poetry I wrote last night.

The sky looked at its best on this Sunday, and with my camera, I had to click a pic, but it was too dark, and the picture was grainy, so I had to adjust its light, and thus, I edited it...to this

These are unedited except for watermarking!

and a poetry...

Life to me is the sky,
Vast with countless stars,
Planets are few,
So is the moon and sun.
Few stars are the people I've met so far,
Planets are those I can count in numbers,
Sun and moon?
I am yet to find them!
When am sad I look up to the sky,
I try to gaze through the stars,
Which one did betray me this time...
Is all I could ever ask...
My heart cries silently,
My eyes twinkle with water droplets,
Just like dew on a leaf,
My mind gazes through the vast sky,
An endless journey called life,
I better pack up my bag, and join the voyage
Of this eternal mystery,
None can defeat me, even though pain tries to scratch
The soul out of me..
Am here to stay,
I will look up to the sky every night..
To keep a watch for that shooting star,
That will guide me to the valley of eternal love.
I am here to taste love, not defeat,
Nothing can bury me alive,
I still have million miles to go,
Before I sleep!


*Dark Angel*


  1. Yup...miles to go before you sleep ;-)

  2. How many papers are left? Hope the rest went well. We're so meeting in July kintu! And those snaps,are you fucking kidding me? You're a freakin' genius! And I like the poem too. Good you're writing in between exams.:-)

    1. 3 more to go! Yep, sure. I didn't forget yet! lol
      hahaa..am not kidding, though am not that genius too! Thanks for liking the poem though : )

  3. DA, Happy to see you back ! I hope that you are dealing well with exams. I was thinking, where are you ? -thought about emailing too . But then you showed up in the blogosphere finally ! The essence of the poem and the sky shots go well together - Life is vast like a sky , what could have been a better description ! People are just stars...the sky is so vast..I like this analogy. And I feel, this is such a beautiful poem which gives hope.
    have a nice day, and all the best for your forthcoming exams,
    take care,

    1. Thanks for liking this poem, yeah, I feel life is just like the sky! and thanks for wishing me luck, I needed it : )


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