*Crow, Sky, and corn!

Hey there,
I was away from blogging for a week and it seemed like its been a year since I blogged, ha ha..so anyways, been a bit busy with classes and all, but yet, I have been writing as usual, cos all the days activities ends up in my writings..I have lost my camera charger, so am not being able to click pictures, which is really making me sad, and I hate to lose something, I hope to get a replacement soon, I managed to click a few pics using my reliable phone!

The crow was busy eating, I was busy clicking!

These pretty clouds have been disturbing me ever since it started to rain, and then again the next day the sky looked this amazing, and I was stuck watching the clouds move along waving me a 'Hello' on their way..and I had to click these moments..

 I came up with a new recipe, it was too simple and  too yummy, I named it cheese corn, am writing the recipe, for if it might help anybody out here..

Things needed:

  • 1 sweet corn,
  • Cheese,
  • Black Pepper,
  • 1 small onion,
  • Salt to taste,
  • 1 cheese cube or a cheese slice,
  • water.

Preparing method:

  • First boil the corn kernels until they are tender,
  • On a pan add a little water, add the chopped onion,
  • Add black pepper, salt, saute for a while,
  • Add the corn kernels, saute again for few seconds,
  • Now bring on the cheese slice or cube whatever you have,
  • add it, saute for 2 mins, until its all cheesy :D
It tasted awesome, and I hated the fact that I just had a tiny little corn! 

Will be back with some poetry's soon, I wrote a lot, and I need to update them here, till then take care, and keep blogging :)


  1. Wow .... why don't you start a cookery blog next :-)

    1. Am not a great cook! I love experimenting :)

  2. That crow looks cute! hehe.. and the corn looks yummy! :))

    1. yeah, that crow was really cute, I loved how the bird ate the mango, such a pleasure to the eyes :)
      I love corn :D

  3. No,no,not with cheese! I hate you!

  4. The crow was so busy eyeing the food, it didn't notice you taking pictures. :D When it comes to food, crows become very greedy.
    Watching clouds is always amusing. There are figures and shapes hidden in them.
    What a coincidence! Yesterday I ate roasted corns. I am not a big fan of corns but a well prepared corn is always delightful to eat. Of course cornflakes is always there for the win. :D

    See you later with your poetry! :)

    1. Ha ha, you are right, that is why crows are treated in such a bad way, as if they don't deserve a little love and respect. I love sky watching, its amazing!
      Corns are yummy with just a dash of pepper and cheese :D
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. The images of crow eating the mango { I assume } is what I like . These simple images give me a glimpse of nature and a certain kind of innocence that I miss in this city life. The formation of cloud looks so interesting like cotton. Thanks for sharing the corn recipe- Corn and cheese are my favourites, I cannot get enough of them and in addition to that, I like the combination of corn,cheese and pepper.

    1. I love my place! Sky watching is my favorite thing. Corn cheese and pepper goes too well, and tastes like heaven!

  6. Brilliant pictures. Love the crow wala picture.

    Also, corn and cheese. Tempting. Geeeeeeve me now?

    I love your header.


    1. Awww, thanks Sonshu :) yeah I love corn and cheese, am always hungry, lol!


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