*Endangered soul

I see lights cutting through the darkness of the night,
I am awake, sitting in pity, am exposed to an eternal pain of life.

My soul is weak after these entire storms,
I am an endangered soul of this loveless soil,
I can't get up and stand tall,
Even my shadow left me alone.

Love is hazardous, yet am a miser,
I will go back to you everytime I am loved.

I smell of poison, I cry blood, I spit teardrops,
I am an image of the devil,
I cry silently,
My eyes search for answers everywhere it sees.

The world mimics in front of me,
A life I dreamt of lies motionless
Covered in dust and ashes!
I am helpless,
Yet I don’t need a hand to show me mercy,
I will crawl to my destination, with limp feet.

Am stuck within a web of thoughts,
One preceding the other,
Keeping me awake most of the nights,
It’s a dream that I had spun using my emotions,
But every now and then I lose myself,
In the midst of my own imagination!


Written for 3ww, for this week the words are-Cut, Endanger, Hazard!

*Dark Angel*


  1. Lovely poetry ... reflects the anguish in love ... well done !!!

  2. But every now and then I lose myself,
    In the midst of my own imagination!

    That can be good and bad! Great write!

  3. luv: i dream i've spun using my emotions - wow - i can relate!
    your prose is dark and ever-so-lovely.

  4. Interesting poetry!! Thanks for visiting my blog..hope to see you back soon! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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