*I ran to the dom? errrrr..Random!

Am actually busy doing nothing! Lazy days, doing stuffs that I love the most, hanging out, clicking pictures, shopping, movies! 

A picture that I took recently, can you spot the stairs to heaven? I found it amazing! had to click!

Then we were busy shopping! No, I didn't buy these slippers, she did. we were messing with those stuffs lol

A recent nail art!

The sky was amazing, while returning from college..
(last week)

My bro drew, I clicked! 

network is horrible right now, I can't read anyone's blog as no pages are loading! Gosh! I hope it will get better within a day or two. Will be back ASAP. Take care.


  1. I can spot the stairs to heaven !! Beautiful photography of the sky.
    Love your zebra nails :-)
    Your brother is an amazing artist . His sketch is very expressive, in a few strokes he created such an amazing portrait. Is he an art student or self taught ?
    Have a nice day ,

    1. Thank you :)
      he learnt from an art school when he was kid, he's more self taught!

  2. Stairway to Heaven ... quite an interesting click !!!

  3. really that stairs to the heaven is awesome...loved that nail paint ! :)

    Bong's Belleza

    1. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for appreciating :)


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