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I don't usually wake up early in the morning and look up to any inspiring quotes, because I don't give myself a chance to be weak or sad, sadness or loneliness are all man made, and I try to stay away from it, but I love to read the saying of great people, their way of viewing life, even before this, I always thought life is nothing but an act of selfishness among people who call themselves friends, family, neighbor, teacher or someone else. Since childhood I used to see the world differently, but I was wrong all the time, because the world I saw differently was way too different that what I thought it is. I thought everyone was loving, helpful, kind and generous, but no, there were a lot of things they were missing, someone used to be loving but not kind, helpful but not generous, and so they helped to change my view of this world! I believe everyone, but none can deceive my eyes, I can understand the one that's lying or faking to be something else! Yet I let them unwrap themselves while I enjoy their acting! Life is awesome.
I don't regret the time I wasted on things that don't matter to me anymore because they taught me the lessons of life! That's a part of GROWING!

and so here's me...A girl who's growing up to be 30 within few years~

Here's some quotes that I found worthy to be read and followed...

Wishing you all a good day ahead, its Sunday today, so don't worry much and have fun! I will watch a movie now because I can't live without watching a movie on Sundays :D will be back soon, till then take care and keep blogging :)


*Dark Angel*

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  1. Loved the quotes, specially the first one ... you are correct, life is just a dream, so we should enjoy fully without any regret.

    I love the philosophy that you follow :-)

    By the way do let us know about the movie that you would watch today :-)

    1. Yeah, it is nothing but a beautiful dream...thanks :)

  2. i totally agree with you , i mean when people are young they usually see the world as a vast wonderful place filled with mystery and wonder, yet as they grow up and start learning more about the world from the news or from the people around them. They find out that the world isn't as nice and beautiful as they once thought.

    1. Its true, but that's life..thanks for your thoughts Reina :)

  3. Well that's life! It is all up to you to make it beautiful.. No matter what people do / did, you just follow your heart.. As long as you're happy.. you cant rely on others but yourself for your own happiness.. I like the 1st quotes.. I always love Buddha's quotes, so meaningful.. this is one of my fav. ~Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense - Buddha..

    1. Yeah, it is, people will never understand what I want, so its all in me, I know what will make me happy or sad!
      I love Buddha's Philosophy,


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