*Lost, and never found!

I lose my mind in darkness,
I commit sin out of fondness,
I stay curled like a snail in the daylight,
I can't see a thing; my vision is all blurred,
Am usually lost, I find myself deserted, all alone!

I try to figure out myself,
My mind keeps on mumbling few unknown tune,
With a racing heart,
Without a reason,
I keep on questioning my position.

My heart talks at night,
Complains a lot,
I try to figure out what I lack the most!
Hatred or love!
Care or compromise!
My heart goes on cursing me for am wrong,
Almost all the time!

I wanna grow strong,
I wanna sow the seeds of love with pain,
I wanna sacrifice myself for a new beginning,

Knowing I will eventually hit the end!

*Dark Angel*


  1. very strong poem ...enjoyed reading your words and thanks for sharing

  2. Dark and spell-bounding poem!!! I could really feel the intense feeling every line is throwing to its reader...awesome!

  3. Such a poignant and passionate poem about an abandoned soul, a soul deeply buried in grief !
    The moments of struggle with the self is depicted in such a "real" way. Yes, we do question ourselves,inflict pain on ourselves, only to find a way out, to live ...yet when the inner struggle is going on...its difficult to let go...
    thanks for sharing those real feelings that we all have from time to time yet unable to express in such a moving/subtle manner.
    I also want to say that I love the title of the poem.

    1. Thanks a lot, am glad that I could connect with the real feeling and emotions of everybody with my thoughts :)

  4. "Knowing I will eventually hit the pain" --- what a contrast the last few lines bring up ... a mighty intense work from you .... clap clap :-)


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