* Photo shopped

Life is perfectly awesome! Its raining these days, am not getting bored with anything, bought my favorite nail colors, downloaded a lot of applications and themes, and songs! feed my doggy handful of cookies!
When I have nothing to do, I don't sit ideal rather I try to do something, whether constructive or destructive the thing is, it doesn't matter :D
So, this evening when I was busy doing nothing, I did this

I love love love Orange nail color!!
 So, as you can well understand this post is nothing serious, but I love my blog, so I had to post something over here...anyways, will be back with something meaningful..till then, keep smiling and laughing, but in the meantime don't forget to blog, take care :)


  1. Loved your pics as always ... they reflect such vibrancy and colors of life ... good work :-)

  2. Nice Edits! You can truly appreciate the beauty of colors when there is darkness. and Nice nails!

  3. awesome color splash pictures , they're quite lovely my favoirte would have to be the red flowers :)

  4. Nice editing! You use photoshop? ;)


  5. Nice editing, the first one -your image came out great. The periwinkle and the diyas are looking nice too !


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