*Raining love

It's raining outside,
The world looks so pure right now,
The smell of mud,
Rejuvenates my mind!

Mother Earth is crying out of pain,
The pain, we create for her,
Yet, her pain is our heavenly pleasure!

I touch the raindrops with my finger tips,
It glides down my hand,
It wants to rest on the muddy field instead.

The day looks gloomy to my tired eyes,
I lost touch with poetry,
Long before,
I gave up writing poems, cos my mind
Was lost in thoughts,
I couldn’t pen my pains through mere alphabets!

I thought to give up,
I thought to run away,
But mother Earth, gave me all back.

She washed away my pain,
With her pain instead.
My mind, once lost,
Gained its rhythm again!

I was waiting for the kiss of rain,
Am back to my usual self,
Yet, again!

Thank you mother Earth,
For your constant care,
I promise not to cry anymore,
Cos when I cry, you cry a lot more.

You are the one,
You help me out of this eternal pain, like none!
am gonna change myself, forever!

Love you.
Your baby girl!


*Dark Angel*


  1. A realy nice tribute to Mother Earth... We cause her so much pain, due to our selfishness, but she silently bears! And welcome back for gaining back your touch :-)

  2. I love rains and I feel that it washes down our pains and fears , I do not know how to explain it but I find it very mysterious. Your poem echoes my thoughts -I have always looked to mother earth for solace-
    Nature,rains, the sky -everything has given me courage and a reason to go on. I draw my strength from her. I cannot explain but can only say that mother earth is my best friend in happiness and pain and she is the witness to everything that I have gone through so far. Looking at her takes away all my pain.
    Every word of our poem echoes my own sensibilities towards mother earth .
    Thanks for sharing, we feel so much alike !


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