*Silence is love


I stay calm, at peace,
Deadly silence lures me,
Numbness, death of pain!

I try to stay still,
Shaking off the endless pain,
I listen to the silence.

Words are too many,
Silence speaks more than any,
Silence…speaks of love!


Its written for Carry on Tuesday , Prompt for this week is "I listen to the silence"


  1. Yes, sometimes this silence can wear two faces!! Well done!

  2. I love the context you have put here ... understanding the meaning and essence of silence ... admirable ... you are growing better and better ... wow !!!

  3. Silence can wear various shades...peaceful silence, silence due to forceful suppression of thoughts, numbing silence -so true. Yet, in silence we can see everything clearly, words sometimes comes in the way of our natural self. We can know ourselves { and others } truly when we silence [ not forcefully but with a good intention } our mind.
    A haiku packed with wisdom. great !

    1. You got the real meaning of my haiku! Thanks :)

  4. Silence...speaks of love! Well said, Angel! That moment of ecstasy and togetherness can only be savored through touch and total silence, yes!


  5. I listen to the silence,in my head,it's louder than wailing.

  6. I prefer the calming silence than the deathly silence ~ Nice write ~

  7. I had a similar experience once.
    I blogged about it too.
    But not as short and simple as this!
    Well done.

  8. Speech is as shallow as time but silence is as deep as eternity.

    It's nice to talk, but it is quite reliable to spend some quiet time, to think things out.

  9. Nice poem. The ability to listen in a word of chatter is really precious! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog


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