Hello everybody, so I had been tagged long back by Green Speck, but due to my ever growing laziness I couldn't answer to all his questions, but today I managed to write down all of them and thought its about time that I share them here, am such a lazy blogger, lol!

So here it goes..
Oh but before that, he mentioned some rules, which I have to ignore a bit, and am sorry (a lil though) :( :P 
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1) What made you start writing/blogging? (Any specific incident or experience)

Ans) Well, to me blogging is just a way of unwinding myself. Earlier I used to pen down my thoughts and they were not poetry cos I never knew how to write poetry's, but suddenly I thought to write on a daily basis, and with time, my poetry's started to mean just what my mind tried to speak. Though I had a beauty related blog earlier, but that wasn't me, makeup, beauty, fashion doesn't define me, I didn't find myself within that, and so one fine day I woke up and saw that I forgot my old blog's password, lol! I was away for more than a year or so, but as days and months passed by, poetry started to develop, I started to pen down my thoughts and emotions, and thus this blog happened, many feel it's dark, gothic, full of pain, negativity, but isn't our life filled with a lot of negativity itself? I can't think positive things 24 hrs, am not that Optimist, I am a normal girl, who gets confused all the time, from choosing Ice cream flavor to a perfect dress cos she finds everything 'CUTE' Gosh! I totally don't like this part of me lol! I love this blog and hopefully I will write till the end of my life, cos whatever happens, the person I am not gonna change, ever!

2) Who is that one person in the world you can never distrust, even though he/she has hurt you in the past?

Ans) It has to be someone J

3) If you were given a chance, which famous personality would you like to be in your next birth?

Ans) I never thought of being like someone, though I adore people, love good personalities, but I try to improve myself, and so there is no war within me, ha ha, but if you ask, I want to be me not as a human but as a Bird and if God gives me some preference I would choose Eagle or Kite  ;)

4) What is that one dream that still motivates you to go on and on?

Ans) I have a lot of dreams, can't say specifically, but I never thought to give up, won't do either, God has chose everyone to play their role, and am just doing that part J

5) What is that one best moment of your life, which you want to live again and again?

Ans) I want to re-live the moments I spent with all my baby Niece's cos they are all grown up now, and are not that cute like they were 4 or 5 years back lol, I love babies, and I love them.
6) If you couldn't write, what would have been your alternative skill?

Ans) I would have just clicked pictures, cos they speak a thousand words, so just think, that would have saved my fingers from pain :P

7) How would you rate yourself as a writer on a scale of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best)? Why?

Ans) Am not my judge, and I don't want others to be either, cos it doesn't matter how you write, it matters what you write...writing is the expression of the soul, don't suppress the thoughts with your own, let it speak freely, there is no harm. Its not a challenge, its not a one day international game! Write in your own way, love it, enjoy it J

8) Which is your dream destination?

Ans) Mt.Everest or somewhere in the distant, a nameless seaside perhaps, I don't like crowded and known places!

9) What is that one task that you have always wanted to perform, but could never do? Why?

Ans) A stage performance, alone. When I was kid I used to get so nervous during singing that I opted to learn at last, and during stage performances my voice at first used to literally shake! Lol, when I was into keyboard playing, my fingers used to turn cold and numb but due to our most awesome Ma'am, we never felt nervous once we were on stage, she used to cheer us up in such a way that we literally enjoyed playing, I miss those days!

10) Which book do you feel would have turned out better had it been written by you?

Ans) After reading Contagion, I thought if Robin Cook asked me, I could have suggested him some good points..lol, but he is the most awesome writer I have came across, I got so hooked that after waking up, the first thing happened was read the next part without even brushing my teeth..ha ha!

11) What are your suggestions for the new bloggers?

Ans) There can be no suggestions for blogging, its not a subject, its a place where we share our thoughts, interests, so it should be treated in that way without following the crowd, be unique, be special, most importantly be yourself, that's what matters while blogging..all the best J


  1. Good answers ... but loved # 7 the most :-)

  2. Oohh, I enjoyed reading your answers indeed! :D

    Loved 3,7,11.


  3. Wonderful to know more about you. :)
    Loved your answer for eleventh question.

  4. I tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award :-)


  5. These tagged questions seem to be viral..but a good way to supplement writer's block.

    I want to climb Mt. Everest too! How cool can that be!

  6. Your answers are so cute! You wanted to be an eagle or kite in your next life?! I always wanted to be a CAT or bird! hehehe.. :))

    1. Ha ha..thanks :D Cats are cute too..lets see what in store for our next life ;)

  7. Loved reading your answers. Although you said that you are not an optimist, I find so much optimism in your posts and also a reason to smile...but most of all, I love the simplicity inherent in all your writings...even in a sad poem or a poem on darkness and death, I have never seen you sound bitter. Somehow, you know how to glide across difficult times. That is what I feel about you.
    have a nice day !

    1. Thanks a lot..I never thought my writing will give someone a reason to smile :) you know me pretty well!


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