*Dreaming a reality

Suddenly I felt it is all dream,
Nothing is real,
It's just projection of my thoughts,
It's surreal.
A blink of the eyes,
And everything is back to where it started,
A feeling of emptiness never existed.
A new heart, a blank new mind
Just what I need to start another life!
Falling stars never go back to the sky,
Just as me,
A dying energy, blinking to exist in this harsh reality,
Am tired yet restless,
I want to quench my thirst of life,
Life is nothing but a dreamt reality,
I have planned the beginning for a new ending!

Well, this is what happens when the poet in me is stirred up late at night...
I have been meaning to write since few days, but lack of words or thoughts or maybe overflowing thoughts kept me away from writing, but believe me, my cell is overflowing with my daily poetry's, its memory is almost full, gosh! 
I love silence, and maybe my blog portrays it sometimes, even though I wrote poetry's daily I kept them away from everybody..because I don't want to scream my emotions and let everyone know what I feel, I let my face and my words deceive others thoughts while deep inside am a person they never thought I will be. silence is something that I long for,
this city is too noisy for me, I love to listen to the silence of the nature and write about it so that I can relate to that time even after 20 years, its a nice feeling,
words are too many, there is no end, but silence speaks more than words and its too simple to understand by anybody who has an able mind (except robots and robotic people :P)...
While I was thinking all this I didn't waste my time and searched for some quote which will help me establish my point..and I found something..

I hope everyone have a nice day ahead, its Thursday, and am planning to go out, am feeling sick and tired! I need to smell some fresh air! Though its polluted, I will use my Handkerchief in that case :P
Will be back soon, till then keep smiling, and be happy for what you have, and don't listen to others, listen to yourself and keep following the dreams you have, if you want something, go get it, don't ask others for advice, cos at least 99 percent will tell you all the negative possibilities, none will encourage if they see the winner in you, so don't let others to ruin the life you imagined...To quote one of my favorite actor Sylvester Stallone from Over the top ''The world meets nobody halfway, when you want something, you gotta take it.''
That should be the spirit. Win or lose, don't end the game yet. You won't lose anything trying for once at least.

Will be back soon..Take care and keep blogging :)


  1. A good message ... we should always listen to our heart :-)

  2. Silence is a must in my life.. Thank God, I have few hours alone (weekdays) before my hubby come back from work.. That is the most precious time where I can speak without words, have a peaceful mind and it is a bliss! :))
    I love the way you edit the 1st picture and I love bokeh (2nd pic)!!
    Have fun and hope you get some fresh air! hehehe..

    1. Am not that silent when am with friends, but when am with myself, am a peaceful thing :) thanks for loving the pics..fresh air sometimes means shopping for me..which I did already!

  3. Silence is as important as sound is. I too love to spend time in the lap of nature. The hustle-bustle of city life is very distracting.
    Your poetry is full of emotions and that's what makes it special.
    See ya!

  4. I awarded you :)

  5. Loved reading your thoughts on life as you have expressed in the poem and in the post. Thanks for sharing the quote on silence. Silence brings us closer towards our self and allows us to know ourselves better. In this hectic life of ours, silence is a rare commodity and very much required. However, I also feel the need of another thing. That is "balance". Balance of both silence and excitement. Therefore, when I am at home all day, very silent and alone, -to break that pattern-I go out in the evenings to buy flowers or vegetables, do window shopping and have coffee in cafe day ! That is why I can understand your need to go out , so go out girl, enjoy your day !

    1. Wanted to add: I loved the quotes in your old post titled "Life as I know it". I just read them now. Did you make the banners/background {resembling pink petals}yourself ? It is looking really beautiful. Would you mind sharing how did you do them ? Secondly, the quotes are really great. Are all of them Buddha quotes ? where did you get them, any particular website. I found the quotes really inspirational.
      have a nice day,

    2. I am best described by silence! But I need to learn balancing my emotions like you :) I love window shopping as well, and cappuccino is my favorite!

      And about the query : Yeah I made the background myself using Photoshop, and I found the quotes from my mail, I will send you a link of the website. They are mostly of Osho's. Thanks, Have a great weekend :)

    3. Thanks for sharing the information !
      wishing you a happy day,

  6. we certainly should take time to listen to our heart...just have some thinking to ourselves and definitely, it will clear our mind. Very plausible POem there Dark ANgel!

    1. Thanks key, it feels great to know what others feel!


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