*Happy Friendship Day :)

Hello everybody, been lazy for few days, couldn't update my cute blog, lol! So, as you all know, Sunday being the 5th day of August and the first Sunday of August month, friendship day was celebrated all over the world, and so am pretty late into this, yeah I know, am sorry :|
I got to make a lot of friend through blogging so I don't want to miss this opportunity to wish all my dear blogger friends A happy Friendship Day :) Just something that I designed only for friendship day..hope you all will like it, and yeah please excuse me cos am late, but its never too late to do something right? :D

I have 3 awards in my pocket, but am too lazy to type the answers, but I want to pass them this time, so I will be updating my blog with awards post pretty soon, till then, the cliché  :D
keep smiling and keep blogging :)


  1. Happy Friendship Day! The poem is damn true! How blissful this world would be if everybody could follow this.. :))


  2. Happy Friendship Day to you too :-)

  3. Happy Friendship day my dear friend ! I love the poem you composed on the subject of friendship and also how you made it into a poster. Also love your new header.
    I am late here but thanks for wishing all the blogger friends and for spreading the lovely message!
    have a nice day,

  4. Just found your blog! It's amazing :D Love that image and the words!!

    Hope you'll visit me :)
    Kisses, Elena

    1. Thanks for dropping by Elena, and thanks for those kind words, will surely visit yours, have a great weekend! :)


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