*Life..or death!

Source, edited by me!

Waves of the ocean,
unending thoughts on my mind,
lying on the beach.

Waves kissing my feet, 
touching my bare soul,
sea waves washes off my sin.

The rhythm of the night,
I let my hair down tonight,
singing to its beats.

Chorus of the waves,
stars sharing light with darkness,
a real delusion?

Lying on the sand
counting dreams with matching stars,
salt water droplets

Gliding down my cheek,
or tears of Almighty God
from the sky above?

Scratching off the wounds
epiphany of a dream,
am scared to try.

Will lose anyway,
a blackened past haunting me
lets bury tonight.

Red seems the color 
of passion love and distrust,
killing was the choice.

The sky crying red,
waves witness us together,
life kissing the dead!


Haiku written for Sensational Haiku Wednesday and the prompt is Sojourn!

*Dark Angel*


  1. amazing... I just couldn't stop myself going over this creation thrice... It has such a beautiful imagination, a sharp serenity hidden within the blanket of truth... Loved ths piece. M gonna read it a few more times.

    1. Thanks a lot, you appreciate a lot all the time, your comments inspire me to write more :)

  2. Its Beyond Godlike Dark angel! Such good multiple sets of Haiku just loved it! Thanks for the comment on my post :-)

    1. wow! I dont know what to say, really, godlike? ha ha..am really confused now as to how I will react after reading such nice comment, this surely made me too happy, am glad you liked it :)

  3. Wonderful romantic senyru ~ happy weekend to you ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Strong emotions portrayed with brevity - really good

  5. Wow ! Really a sensational haiku. Deep thoughts singing chorus with the sea and stars ...the inner mind finds itself expressed through the waves, sands,sky..how beautifully you have woven your anguish and emotions, your past and present with the state of nature. Remarkable !

    1. I just tried...thanks for liking my work :)


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