"Raining from heaven, all the bitter sweet pain washes off my body, as I stand under touching the rain drops with my fingertips!"

This rain doesn't seem to be tired, its been more than 3 hrs. but there is no sign of stopping, God has so much water in store :D [ok don't try to explain me, I know science and how rain occurs and blah and blah] 
These days am a lot busy with everything around me, from studies to shopping, and meeting friends to making a new friend. By saying that I mean I have finally met a Blogger friend, who's too cool and beautiful, but damn my cam, I couldnt click a pic! :( Check the pretty lady's blog for the post :)
Yesterday it was one of my cutie bestie's b'day! We met, ate, windowshopped and chatted non stop until it was time to bid goodbye, which was a sad part :(
But this time I clicked a pic cos it was B'day afterall :)

Hope you all have a great rainy day, will be back soon, till then keep smiling and keep blogging :)


  1. You sure seemed to have had lots of fun :-)

  2. oh .. lovely pic .. surely you enjoyed a lot ..!!

  3. Awwww Happy Birthday to her! You two look lovely


  4. Loving the rains ! You two look so cute !

  5. well,rain scares me but glad you liked.nice blog visit my blog and feel free to comment:)follow each other.

  6. i am following you now:)stay blessed and happy:)

    1. aww..thanks for showing such love, will visit your blog soon :)


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