Knowing I have to walk alone a mile,
I feel lost at times.
I had known my fate since,
Yet the reality seems like a bad dream.
Pinching real hard at times,
Trying to figure out if am alive or dying!
The chords have already broken off,
A sad tune comes off everytime.
Scratching the dream off my mind,
I peep through the glass window of life.

Suddenly it breaks,
1000 reflections of a face,
I can’t figure out which one is mine!

Am lost deep within,
A heart still beating,
But the soul decaying,
I have started the joyful journey of life,
Am leaving…
Bid me goodbye!

Sorry for not updating since last week, been busy with studies and other things of life.
Loving the days nowadays, suddenly its sunny and suddenly its rainy! Just like my mood swings, it seems like god is suffering from it suddenly..lol :D
Anyway...I felt bored at home this Sunday, so I watched a movie named white fang, though I didn't knew the story earlier, but after watching it I was crying my heart out! 
It is a titular character by Jack London, from 90's. The story is awesome, it is about the struggle of the Wolf-dog mix white fang and about its friendship with Jack Conroy, am talking about the movie so it has to be different from that of the original story, if you already know the story then its good. I started reading the book. Its awesome, and after watching I felt like I have to adopt a wolf, I love animals they are God's wisest creation!
I recommend everyone to watch this movie at least once, if you know how it feels to be loved or how it feels to love, you will love it :)

will be back pretty soon...till then, keep blogging and keep smiling :)


  1. I wonder why you write dark haunting poems most of the time. I mean,looking at you, you seem to have everything. A creative bend of mind, a charming appeal, eyes which can melt hearts...why the sadness then?? I am curious...You don't need to answer though...:-)

    1. Awww, now you are making me blush :D
      am not sure why I write dark haunting poems, it comes off naturally :)
      Curiosity is good basically ;)

  2. Well very beautifully you conveyed your emotions in words ... !!
    Touching words ~
    A heart still beating,
    But the soul decaying,
    i loved these lines ~~

    liked it !!

  3. Another brilliant and soulful creation ! I loved these lines: "I had known my fate since,
    Yet the reality seems like a bad dream."...Knowing the truths {of life} yet unable to accept it emotionally...it happens with me sometimes and its hard. There is an unexplained and inner dilemma that goes on ...a certain force I need to overcome at times ... I really love how you can express your inner dilemmas in the most natural way in your poetry.
    Haven't watched the movie but will try to if I get an opportunity.
    have a nice day !

    1. Thanks for loving the poetry,I suffer from inner dilemmas,a lot, yet I try to speak them out!
      Do watch the movie, you will love it :)

  4. There are some poems that make me wish I had written them, and this is truly one of them.

    "Suddenly it breaks,
    1000 reflections of a face,
    I can’t figure out which one is mine!" - how can you even think of such beautiful words? Amazing !!! Hats off to you Miss Poet :-)

    1. Ha ha, I wish I could really fly cos your words are so inspiring at times, am glad you liked it :)

  5. I love the poem! You have put the words so beautifully.. :))



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