*Whistling pain

Source (Edited by me)

Night pours the gin into me,
Am lost in the middle of a deadly sin,
I must commit to set the soul free.

The human I am lost its meaning,
A guilty pleasure within I can feel,
I want to run back yet I stand still.

Am directionless yet I know the address,
Am sick but not tired,
I wanna walk this desolate road all alone
Am not a liar.

I won't need help I know
For my legs will drag me am sure.
Am void of emotions, my lips tremble, my voice shakes,
Yet am walking without a mistake.
Limping at times,
But can't give up
Am strong enough to cry hard.
Tears turned to crystals, frowns turned to smile,
My looks do deceive people at times.

Am sorry if I have ever hurt you,
But that wasn’t me,
But a mere reflection of sadness.
Am weak, but mostly emotionless.

Walking this night off this desolate road I chose,
I am a lone bard,
I have to go on.
With a guitar in my hands,
I whistle past the lane,
Shadows everywhere inviting pain,
Am ruthless,
I can't look back with kindness,
I need to walk forward
To meet my destiny,
I dream to meet you on my way,
But that will never happen am sure
Yet I wish on that shooting star
each time I see,
I wish to see you one last time
Forever that will be!


*Dark Angel*


  1. This is such a sweet and hopeless romantic post. It would certainly be a happy moment to meet your destiny. Awesome poem Angel.

    I actually like your new blog skin. So neat and simple.

    1. Thanks key..I am eager to reach my destiny..but yet past lingers!

  2. I loved reading this poem. Keep the hope alighted! :)

  3. That's so beautiful.. I can feel the emotions of most girls; Will try the best to go thru life, can't forget the past and the pain but still hope to meet him in the journey to meet her destiny.. :))
    I love the way you edited that picture! It looks like sand art now! :))


    1. Thanks for going through my emotions and thanks for your thoughts :)

  4. I don't know how you do it, time and again ... you are a master when it comes to drawing the readers' emotions ... Well done :-)

  5. Brilliant ! that is all I can say now.
    You are on a juncture of life where you look back in the past every now and then yet you keep walking ...I know you keep walking forward...Some of us do not even know what to do with these emotions when we are at this juncture/point of life ...yet you have transformed your feelings into a poem...poetry releases our pent up emotions...its cathartic...
    The poem is brilliant, very mature.

    1. Am growing up, people are responsible for that, but I like this stage. Life is better when someone knows the rights and wrongs and knows how to deal with it! Thanks for appreciating :)

  6. "Yet I wish on that shooting star
    each time I see,
    I wish to see you one last time
    Forever that will be!
    " are my favorite lines.
    This is beautiful. Wonderfully penned!

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

  7. such magnificent play of words :)


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