Am playing this song since morning and am in love with it. Words can really take ones heart away, but at times I feel world would have been a better place if none knew how to speak! Anyway, this song is too sweet and cute, I fell in love with the guy's voice :D
But anyways..I have been on a self made exile for a week cos these days am too busy with my classes and... well... movies, shopping and things that really took away my zeal to blog and am really sad about it, but even though I was busy I got time to write, bless me for am insomniac! anyways, I don't wanna share any poetry today, this is just a quickie post to make sure that am alive and kicking!
Keep smiling and keep blogging, will be back pretty soon, take care :)

Your's Delilah..err I mean Dark Angel ;)


  1. Hope you are having fun with all your activities ... do blog at times too :-)

  2. I listened to the entire song and I loved it ! I usually love to listen songs in Youtube sometimes while I am blogging side by side. Hope you are doing well. have a nice day !


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