*Awards raining!

The weather is perfect for my birthday, lol, yeah, its my birthday today and I tried to start off my birthday with some pending posts. Long time back 3 bloggers had tagged me for Liebester Blog award, and me being the most lazy girl alive almost forgot that until last night. 
Answering all of it was a bit tough, but I tried my best. 

Well, there are certain rules associated with it. If you are tagged/ nominated you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
1.                  Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
2.                  Tag 11 more Blogger.
3.                  Tell the people you tagged that you did.
4.                  No tagging back.
5.                  The person you tag must have less than 200 followers.

11 facts about me:
1) I love pasta, cheese and corn! I live for them.

2) I love to sleep late and wake up late.
3) I don’t like street foods, and am like 'eww..Did you see that dirty nail?' lol
4) I usually don’t recharge my cell from the neighborhood shop, I usually go for a mile or 2 to recharge, yeah am crazy!
5) I love to keep my hairs short, but the parlor where I go for usual haircuts love and always urge me to keep my hair just the way it is because it's so pretty and looong! In  the way I just forget who the real owner of my long locks is!
6) I hate to speak on phone at times and I get lost on the way and forget what am talking about!
7) I love babies and I go crazy!
8) I prefer to have orbit or some peppermint chewing gums at night, and music to lift up my mood for writing cos am insomniac!
9) I don't like to follow routine.
10) I hate social gatherings, and skip them! Am friendly and social with a few, not many!
11) I walk while am on phone, road, metro station, my room, in my class, everywhere!

Answering Green Speck!

1. If an alien visits you, what is the first thing you would like to know about it?

Ans) I would ask him how it feels to be an alien! That wasn’t funny I know, but everybody is alien to one another right? Do we really know each other? We don't. I wont go for an argument, this was just a question, and I answered it in my way.

2. If you have the power, to which three non-living objects would you like to grant the power of life?

Ans) water bottles, so that whenever I call it will come to my hands, as I already stated somewhere in this blog, am too lazy even when am hungry. Kajal or eyeliner will be granted the power of life, they will draw my eyes on their own! And the bus by which I travel mostly, so that it will listen to me, when I'll ask it to start it will start moving, when I'll ask it to stalk someone it will do the needful!

3. Do you like pets? Do you have one?

Ans) I don't like the idea of pets, they should be left alone, they don't enjoy domestic life like we do, yet I love animals, especially kitties and doggies, keeping them like a part of family is okay for me, not pets but as a brother or sister or something else, the stray dog that stays in our place is more like a boyfriend to me (well I don't intend to hurt anybody's sentiments, just because am weird doesn't mean I insult people) just cos the way he looks when I talk with him, awww :D

4. What super power you wish to possess?

Ans) An invisible cloak, too much.

5. Which is the most memorable gift you have received till date and from whom?

Ans) From ma…my life J

6. Do you like travelling? Which has been your favorite travelling spot?

Ans) I don't have money to travel as of now, but I dream to be a girl with a DSLR hanging down her shoulders and capturing the wild, the nature!

7. What makes you smile when you feel low?

Ans) When I feel low I feel am just too weird and am responsible for such phase of my life, Alice in chains, Bryan Adams, Rihanna, Simple plan, Yellowcard knows how to make me alright again!

8. What is your favorite quote?

Ans) Life should be lived, it should not be wasted planning, live for today, this hour, this minute, this second, just this moment, cos it will never come back, and whenever you look back to this time you will feel happy for the choice you made. Life is once, and it should not be lived with regret. Letting go off ego is just the key to happiness. Start loving, start spreading love, it will all come back to you J (I love almost each and every quotes of famous people, but I thought to quote a thought of mine instead)

9. Who is your idol?

Ans) Sea or ocean. Okay, this might sound weird to many, but yeah, Ocean is my idol, because whatever the season is whatever the reason is, it looks same beautiful, it looks the same one, young and full of life, we are nothing in front of it. We are so fragile, so minute. I let my heart out to the waves, I write my thoughts on the sand, and it gets washed away, yeah I really do. It makes my mind fresh and young all over again! We do all the bad things and pollute the waters, yet it spreads love, peace. I love the silence of sea beaches at night, just the sound of waves, and its heaven on Earth!

10. Do you prefer reading, or writing?

Ans) I am not much a bookworm, but I love reading interesting stuffs.

11. When did you start blogging?

Ans) I started blogging long time back, it was related with makeup and stuff, but in the way I lost interest and also my password, ha ha. I was away for a year since, but this year around February I started this blog just to keep a record of my thoughts and emotions, and in the way I gathered people who liked my writings, it feels good when someone appreciates your work. So it happened.


Answering Sui Generis Writer!

1) Have you ever visited the zoo?

Ans) Yep, when I was kid, but now it doesn't fascinate me anymore!

2) Do you think its reasonable to keep animals behind cages simply for our amusement?

Ans) No way, its a criminal thing, and people who do such thing should be punished!

3) Its raining heavily, you have to rush home but alas you forgot to bring an umbrella. What would your reaction be?

Ans) I don't mind, I love rain, I even carry umbrella but get drenched! Lol

4) You promised to take your mom shopping on Friday. The same day your best friend relocated to a different city came to visit and asked you to accompany her/him the entire day. What would your priority be?(Emotionally blackmailing your mother is not an option)

Ans) I will go for shopping in the afternoon, and book a dinner for two for night, and book a movie ticket for the evening show, and after having lunch and after completing our shopping, we will go back home, and again in the evening I'll call him up and ask him to meet me. It's too simple ;)

5) What's more important to have many followers who rarely visit you blog OR to have a few followers who regularly visit your blog?

Ans) If people like my blog, my thoughts, or my photography, they will surely come here often, but yeah having a good response is always needed for someone to grow into a better person, so I will stick to having a few followers who regularly visit my blog!

6) Would you buy a latest gadget even if you don’t need it? (assuming that you have more than enough money to buy)

Ans) No, I won't, rather I will spend my money on purse and stuffs I love ha ha!

7) How will you react if I say that I am standing in front of your house right now?

Ans) You don't know my address. So I will think you are just another fool trying to play an old trick :P

8) What does it mean if we say that a person is cool?

Ans) It means yeah he's alright, just okay kinda!

9) Can you call a person your friend even if you have never seen her/him in physical form?

Ans) Yep, I already have such friends and its fun!

10) What is the importance of having a romantic relationship in your life?

Ans) I am not sure cos am not a romantic person, so please excuse me on this.

11) what's the most boring thing in the world for you?

Ans) Watching a boring movie when I have nothing to do, happens once every week!


Answering Kanika!

1) Which place do you wish to visit the most?

Ans) Egypt.

2) One celebrity you would love to date?

Ans) Leonardo Dicaprio.

3)Would you give away everything for something that you love doing?

Ans) Yes. I can do anything for things I love with all my heart.

4)What's your life's motto?

Ans) To be the girl I always dreamt to be since childhood, yet shit happens at times, and am still trying hard to get the best out of it.

5)How stupid and lame are these questions?

Ans) They aren’t.

6)How much does blogging mean to you?

Ans) It's where I share my thoughts, my feelings. This is where I come often when I have a lot to say but can't speak a word.

7) Do you push the elevator button more than once?

Ans) Yep. I press once, twice, thrice, until it comes!

8) Who would you rather date, a worried genius or a joyous simpleton?

Ans) A worried genius anytime!

9) The craziest thing that you have ever done.?

Ans) I do crazy stuffs almost everyday, once I had a strawberry shake and Chicken popcorn together, and it tasted like something I would never eat again in my life, but guess what I did that again! lol

10) If you could break one law, which one would that be?

Ans) Laws are meant to be broken, and I broke most of it, am genius!

11) What do you do, that you think, differentiates you from everyone else?

Ans) The way I think about a thing is not exactly the way that others think. I look through it. They look at it!

Thanks if you have gone through without getting mad!
Much Love!

The award!

And I pass this award to...[I am awarding 8 people, told ya, I break rules ;)]

La dolce Vita - for her uncanny similarity with me!

Green Speck - For his Writing that makes one cry even if its a romantic or a funny poem or story!

Sui Generis Writer - For her thoughts that refresh my mind!

Sudeshna - For her Poetry's speak through the words!

Shiromi - For her soulful writing!

Noblesse Key - The young, dashing, humorous and intellectual, all in one, he is the key to happiness!

Fida Bosu - The most happy person I ever saw! I re-read her posts once in a while! 

Daisy - For her style!

 Now am off to inform them! Take care :)


  1. Wow ... thanks for the award ... and ya, it was fun reading the answers ... keep on blogging :-)

  2. Many many happy returns of the day,girl! I lost your no.,thanks to the new phone!:-( Most of the answers went as per my expectation.:D
    Have fun and post pictures.:-)

    1. Thank you :)
      aww..that's sad, will text you once I recharge.
      ha ha, am weird, so are the answers!

  3. Dear Girl, wishing you a very happy and fun filled Birthday ! Thanks for the award. Yes, we are so similar to each other. I will re-read your answers and give my feedback a bit later as I am in a hurry now, and will come back here again.

    1. Loved your reply no. 3,5,8 and 9 to GreenSpeck's Questions, reply no.6 of Sui Generis's Questions, and reKly no. 11 of kanika's questions. I could identify with these answers so much. In fact, I really loved it when you said that the most memorable gift that you have received till date is from your mom and its you !
      have a lovely day!

    2. Thanks for your wishes :) yeah, we really are!
      Ha ha, thanks for going through all the answers, it was a bit tough to answer them all, yet I tried my best!

  4. Happy Birthday sweety pie! I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile.. :))
    Congrats for the award.. and thank you so much for sharing it with me.. and also for your kind words.. I'm flattered!
    I hate social gatherings too! hehehe.. and yes, I'm friendly but there's a limit when I'll be totally out of idea and just wanted to get my ass off there! :)) Listening to songs will cheer me up too.. ermm.. I would like to date a joyous simpleton, for a change.. lol.. Glad to know you more!


    1. Thanks a lot :)) as am typing this reply, my face is already busy smiling for the cute words you said!
      You deserve the award. I am not at all social, gosh! I don't like family gatherings at all, I wish they all knew it!
      ha ha, joyous simpleton is good but worried genius sounds better to me ;)
      Music is my life, I can't live without it!

  5. Happy birthday, sweetheart! And a big thank you for the award. I'll do the rituals soon. =)

  6. Happy Birthday..:-) Have a gr8 year ahead....a lil less 'dark'...and more of the 'angel'.. ;-)

    1. Thanks :D ok, will try my best, but dark always comes before angel, what to do? ;)

  7. Happy happy happy yipee yipee yipee happy happy happy birthday to you! Oh, thank you for the award! Another treasure I can keep.

    I love the ocean as well. I am really in awe of its wonder. Maybe someday, I'll explore it's depth! I adore the ocean! oh, I might see sea monsters! that's wicked cool!

  8. Omg! Happy Birthday Beautiful!

    Thanks so much for the award, I am truly honored. I hope your day was merry and bright. I loved all those facts about you, this was such an intimate post



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