*It happens

I seem chained to my own thoughts,
Dreaming a life I always dreamt of,
Living like a dead man!

I feel lost at daytime,
My mind seems nowhere around me.

People seem to be gazing me with their eyes,
Eyes full of questions, fear, amazement or wonder?

They scare me,
I lose myself in the crowd of faces,
All unknown to one another,
Everyone seems up for a race!

A game I chose not to play,
Cos it's nothing but a game of fools,
Competing with each other for no good!

I play by my own rules,
I compete myself every night and day,
Am insomniac, no, not a maniac you see.

I compete with my emotions, lest it defeats,
I smile when am at pain,
I cry when am happy,
Am silly I feel,
It's my world where I play with my imaginations,
It's my playground,
It's just so me!

okay, don't know what to say, this thing came from my mind just now and I wrote it down, I just wanted to write something here today, I miss blogging, blame my internet for that. But its all good now, and am back, it's my birthday next week and am so little excited this time not sure why, maybe because I am growing wise day by day, there is so many things that happened within the last year that I felt like my life has suffered some kind of earthquake, well not a major one, like 5.1 in Richter scale, lol.
I am mostly funny I feel, and my humorous appeal make me wonder why didn't I join the humour factory, wait what's humour factory? not sure :P
yesterday I had a cute embarrassment, I was in my class, tried to bring a chair, those rolling ones for computers, do they have a name? I am not sure. and so I tried to hold it up and bring to my place to sit and guess what the down part just got messed up and I was left with the seat part in my hands, I couldn't help but laugh out loud, and also the HR over there helped me with it i.e she too joined in the laughing competition, aww, I love her for this :D
anyway, the guys too laughed at it, and I felt good enough to know that its okay to mess things like that, it just happens :D
umm, so anyway's I should be signing off now, have to eat something as am hungraayy!! i.e hungry acc to me :P good luck guys, have a great weekend, and oh I will be going for the fair today, yippee, am so happy for it, will be back soon, stay well and keep smiling :)


  1. how your words match with my present situation,i wonder....fantastic

    1. Thanks, at times people go through the same feeling :)

  2. The poetry was awesome, as always. And ya, do have fun (messing) at the fair :-)

    1. Ha ha, thanks for such good comment for the meaningless poetry :D

  3. Felt like you once upon a time and sometimes even now, I feel like that as you have expressed in your poem-but less frequently now. Anyway, the poem is brilliant, I have always loved how you express yourself.
    And yes, you are funny dear ! I love people who know how to have a good laugh at themselves and also make other people laugh with them ! Hope you will have a wonderful Birthday this year, hoping that you will reveal the date so that I can wish you!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, yeah am a lot funny, and crazy too!! ha ha :)

  4. I love the poems you write, I found myself so lost in this one and feel as if I can really relate. I hope you have a wonderful birthday lovely. :D


  5. Agree with La Dolce Vita! You are so adorable and even adorable while expressing it!! :)

  6. Your lines are beautiful!
    "I feel lost at daytime,
    My mind seems nowhere around me." I connect. And love!

    And I totally giggled while reading the seat thing! :P Happens happens.
    And awesome sauce that you have a good HR person. :D

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

    1. Ha ha, never mind I always end up with such disastrous embarrassment!

  7. I thought I have read "shit happens" LOL!

    This was another dark poetry. I really enjoy the intense feeling you put in every line. It makes me feel that I was the one actually writing it. Nice as always :)

    1. Ha ha, shit really happens :P
      Seriously your thoughts always lift up my mood! ;)

  8. Love the feelings in the poetry :)
    Hope you have a fabulous birthday!!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤


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