*Thinking Star

I don’t care if the sky isn't blue today,
I don't care if the stars aren’t bright much!
Am not supposed to think about everything,
I got limitation of my imagination.
I don’t want to look back,
Thinking of our days that passed in a flick,
I live in the present,
The moment I am in.
I don’t care the passing moments
that try to grab me by their hands,
Some catch my eyes,
while, most are just fleeting glance.
Tired to live within the invisible barrier,
I feel stuck within it,
Am trying hard to break,
I know, I can break it free.
Boozing isn’t a choice to make,
I regret not having a cigarette tonight,
The smoke being my lone companion in distress!

*Dark Angel*


  1. You filled up my senses DA, with this poem on self expression !
    "I don’t care the passing moments
    that try to grab me by their hand'
    - I can't think of a more beautiful line right now than this.
    keep it up !

  2. Memories are haunting at times, and you have portrayed it so beautifully :-)

  3. Wow, I was smelling those cigarettes and feeling that booze in reading this poem. Very great and powerful read. I can't wait to read more from you, your gifted girl!


  4. Hey there Dark Angel! :)
    First off, thank you for tagging me for the award. I am a little late but I would love to take it anyway. :D

    I feel like that sometimes as well. Although I don't seek smoke of any kind. hehe
    I like the way you use poetry to express yourself freely.
    Keep writing! :)

    1. I love your header. Very enchanting! <3

    2. Thanks sui, poetry's should be like that! Thanks for loving the header, have a great day :)

  5. I definitely love the first Quatrain, very well phrased.

    New post is up! :)


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