*Bidding Adieu...

I saw pain in her eyes, I felt sad after clicking this picture!

Leaving all her loved ones
She steps out of her house
For a new beginning,
One step at a time!
Cries sound melodious
to her ears.
Calm and poised,
She is ever glorious.
I can’t see her leave,
No I can’t.
 She’s a part of me,
Oh! She ‘was’.

Beginning a new journey,
That she took today,
Cries visit my eyes
Out of sheer happiness!

She will be back,
Yes she will,
Same time next year,
I will be waiting! 


Durga puja comes to an end. All the lights, music, sparkly outfits of people will now rest on the corner of a rusted wardrobe. The rickshaw pullers, hawkers, shop keepers will return back to their normal boring days!

People won't have fun anymore, everyone will get busy with their life, school, office, tram, bus, auto, everything will be back to their normal rhythm. As if nothing ever happened.  I will miss every part of it. I will be waiting for this time, next year.

I wish everyone Subho Bijoya. Stay happy, stay blessed. Let go off ego, do whatever you want to do, love unconditionally even if the person doesn't loves you back. Leave behind the past. Learn from your mistakes and stop repeating them. Stay strong during hard times. Trust yourself. 
And lastly enjoy the song called life ;)


  1. A tad too late but Wishing you a happy Dussehra :)

    +Not Just My Allegories+

    1. Happy Dussera, hope you had a good one, take care :)

  2. Awwwww! Hope you had an amazing Durga Puja! :)


  3. Dark Angel. Hello again. Anticipating a return to your log, I knew there would be lovely surprises in store. So, without saying--yes, I loved your poetic "Arrivederci". Even more if possible, I liked your brain-thoughts, reminding us what we need to know. Thus, in the final paragraph, (I won't quote it here!)...Ooops, I changed my mind, for it IS important enough--your words--to be repeated frequently:

    Edited: Stay happy, blessed. Let go of ego...love unconditionally even when the Peep doesn't love you back. LET GO of the past. Learn from it. Continue strong during hard times. Trust yourself, and trust God.
    And lastly enjoy the song called life ;) These words were SO full of meaningful beauty, Black Angel!!!!!

    (I have learned--this is only my OPINION-grin!, that one great thing missing in the heavenly Universe will be Prideful EGO. And of everything left in that Universe, there will remain but ONE attribute................................and that is LOVE! Nothing more will be needed. Perfect love--the "meaning of Life!)

    If you do not 'see' or cannot believe any of this, it is OKAY! It is only mine, not from a guru...

    P.S. Positively LOVED the phrase about those cries of sheer happiness visiting your eyes. Great personal image.


    1. I loved reading your feedback Mr.Steve. It was just my way of bidding goodbye. Am glad you liked my thoughts, these are just a few thoughts, I have a sea of mixed emotions. Perfect love is the meaning of life, indeed! Very well said, you just spoke my thoughts over here, this is what I love about blogging, thanks for taking time and reading, have a great day, and I wont forget to travel 8 thousand miles, oh its a nice journey anyway :)

  4. “Sei que o que escrevo aqui não se pode chamar de crônica nem de coluna nem de artigo. Mas sei que hoje é um grito. Um grito! de cansaço. Estou cansada! É óbvio que o meu amor pelo mundo nunca impediu guerras e mortes. Amar nunca impediu que por dentro eu chorasse lágrimas de sangue. Nem impediu separações mortais. Filhos dão muita alegria. Mas também tenho dores de parto todos os dias. O mundo falhou pra mim, eu falhei para o mundo. Portanto não quero mais amar. O que me resta? Viver automaticamente até que a morte natural chegue. Mas sei que não posso viver automaticamente: preciso de amparo e é do amparo do amor.”
    (Clarice Lispector - de: De amor e amizade)

    Os meus cumprimentos

    1. Hello Fernando, thanks for such nice feedback. I feel great to know what my readers feel, even though we dont speak in a same language yet you shared your thoughts over here for which am really grateful, I have read it using translator, thanks, have a nice weekend :)

  5. First of all...the photograph of Durga Ma...it evokes so many emotions and sentiments...the way you have captured the face ...it feels as if she has come alive..I do not know why but it feels as if she is strong yet she is sad/broken from within...maybe I am reading too much but immediately these feelings came to my mind when I saw this photo...I am seeing Mother Durga as a Human rather than a Goddess for the first time...strong on the surface yet many hidden pains are there...A brilliant shot !
    I loved the poem you have composed, really very touching poem.
    And thanks for the inspiration at the end of the post,dear one...I will remember to stay strong during hard times.
    A belated Subho Bijoya to you!
    And although Ma Durga Puja is over, Lakshmi Puja and Maa Kali Puja are coming ! So, the festival season is still on !
    have a beautiful day !

    1. Thanks for loving the picture, I felt the same like you, Its sad to see her leaving. Thanks for loving the poem, I wrote something after so many days. I get inspired by a lot of thing, just wanted to share a few, I hope you liked it. Yeah, puja season isn't over yet I know, am still enjoying it!

  6. I wish we had Durga Puja 365 days a year ... it's so painful when the festival gets over !!! However, that's how it's supposed to be.

    The image of Maa Durga is so strong, as if she wants to speak to us. You have clicked it amazingly. Another lovely post from you. Subho Bijoya !!!

    1. Thanks for being such an adorable reader Green Speck :D

  7. one of my friends introduced me to Durga Puja celebrations and i think its a very interesting thing
    i like the shot


    1. Thanks for dropping by Mary, yeah its a nice and interesting thing with lots of colors and lights, in short full of life :)

  8. This is once a year kind of even and that's what makes it this special.
    Thank you for your lovely words at the end. It feels that you are relaying Goddess' blessings to us through your words. ^^

    1. Yeah, but I would have loved if it stayed back for a few weeks more! Blessings are always there for the deserving one. Take care :)

  9. Nice blog!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let us know.




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