I might be dreaming lately because whatever am trying is ending up in a great way, its not that good things are rare in my life but yet I feel these are nothing but illusion cos everything is piling up one up on another, leaving me no time, 24 hours seems too less for me.

Its reality.I hate reality, but at times it points its finger and shows to me that not everything is bad in life ;)

My week was rather busy..but I was bored for a minute or two anyway, that's just so me.
I am not a photographer. I just capture the passing moments as memories as I walk past the road of life, alone or with someone for a few moment!

They were planning to return home, I clicked!

I am in love with yellow, green and everything neon in between!

We hanged out as well! Am busy even when am not busy!

It was raining outside, I took my cell out and clicked this picture, can you see the reflection of lights?

The plane was in hurry! I clicked anyway!

I tried red lipstick for the second time! oh, third time maybe. 

lime margarita!

One of my favorite time of the day, sunset!

So this pretty much defines my past week. I was busy doing a lot of things from puja shopping to having a new haircut! Durga puja is round the corner, and pretty bongs all around the globe including kolkata are  gearing up for the big day, ha ha, am too lazy for that, I am just busy with my classes and my normal life!
Anyway, will share my Durga puja story here only if something interesting happens ;)
hope to be back soon, till then take care and keep blogging :)


  1. Thanks,for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on gfc (59).

  2. I love your sunset picture... so beautiful.


    swaney e

  3. Gorgeous. I just love the photo of the reflected lights! xx


  4. The rain pic is mind-blowing ... Happy Durga Puja :-)

  5. Astonishing pictorial creation!
    Came here by way of gren Speck.

    FYI: You ARE a photographer, you compose a picture
    like a composer places notes in an orderly manner--
    also on paper!


    1. That's an amazing compliment Steve, thanks for stopping by :)

  6. You needn't be a photographer (if you say so that is) but according to me you are indeed brilliant with what you do in your head and how you project it through your pictures.

    Loved all of them, amazing!

    (New post is up)

  7. Beautiful pictures, DA ! Do not think that you are not a photographer- In my eyes, you are a photographer in the true sense of the term -The photographs really reflects your mood and your creative vision !
    From tomorrow, the celebrations will begin and I pray to Mother Goddess, Ma Durga to shower her blessings on you ! Do blog about the Puja days and maybe we can also get a glimpse of your new haircut and Pujo outfits !
    Have a glorious week !

    1. Thanks :)
      I enjoy clicking, that's it! Yeah, will be waiting for your posts as well :)
      Happy Puja!

  8. Awesome shots especially the raining day pic.. You are really talented, a photographer by passion, I believe.. :))


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