*And she goes on

Nothing ever lasts,
Dream or reality,
Love or lust!
Pain seems surreal to me,
I feel it everywhere I try to see.
I trust my eyes,
But it betrays my mind at times.

Am living a dream, a dream so close to reality,
I try not to wake up from it,
Yet the passing moments push me off the cliff,
The cliff of dreams!

A sudden jerk,
And voila it's me…sleeping awake
in the midst of this eternal night at peace!
Am not yet lost, how hard you try me,

I will regain myself and stalk you forever,
You can't erase memories,
You can't stop breathing,
Just like my dreams, they are here to stay
Beside me!

oh no, I am not day dreaming these days, its just that I am feeling sleepy right now but I have to study, so I planned to write something instead.

Have a nice week everyone..will be back shortly :)


  1. while studying, we do feel like doing everything else but studying!
    But that's some pretty good disturbance!!!

    + To me it matters +

    1. Oh, I suffer a lot from such things! Thanks for your sweet words. It made me feel a lil better!

  2. Brilliant words ... the imagination is so sharp ... you have come a long long way my friend :-)

  3. What a reason to come with such a lovely poem!


    1. Really. The reason was too vague I think! Ha ha. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey, Peep!

    A great weekend for you also. And go do what you must do...
    Peeps here will wait for many ages...will never give up on you.

    I like the way you write--a bit dark, then lighten up, etc. And the picture above
    shows both darkness and light.

    And DREAM AWAY. Where be we without dreams. No autos, computers,
    electricity, a printer in every home--grin!

    Glad I got here to read this, that your dreams are not
    getting away from you. Keep them close, Dear One.

    1. I dream more than a dreamer would ever dream! I got no limits. I do things that I want to do. Thanks for your great thought. I am glad to see you here again. I mean it.

  5. Even I wrote something on dream and reality and I am reading this now...I find that we "think/feel" about similar topics while blogging...
    I think you are right -"nothing ever lasts, dream or reality"...and maybe that is why, at least, I choose one instead of the other...Very wise words you have written here...your take on dream and reality is very poignant..
    For me though, I tend to see life through a tinted glass although I am aware of both the sides of life....looking at life through beauty and possibility is my comfort zone...So, I never stop dreaming...yet somewhere I feel that nightmares are also dreams ...and you seem to know and express it too well through your passionate poems.This poem of yours, which talks about the darker dreams is simply brilliant !

    1. We do think alike. I look straight. No editing, nothing. I want to see the raw thing, and want to experience the ugly and the bitter part rather than the sugar coated stuffs, I feel suffocated.
      Dream..always there with me. I would never stop it.

  6. Wow this is beautiful !!

    Have a Fantastic Friday !!



    1. Thanks Janice, hope you had a great weekend, take care :)

  7. seriously I sm listening to the state of dreaming by marina and the diamonds while reading this, this is beautiful, my favorite lines would be

    "Pain seems surreal to me,
    I feel it everywhere I try to see.
    I trust my eyes,
    But it betrays my mind at times."

    mind following each other, doll?
    THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

    1. aww, really? that's awesome Kenneth :)
      I will visit your blog asap!
      Take care.

  8. Beautiful poem! I can relate to it coz, am daydreamer!
    Nicely penned!

    1. Its good to know that you can relate your dreams with mine, thanks Valli :)

  9. so beautiful! would you like to follow each other? let me know!


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