*Dreaming reality..vice versa!

When I wake up I feel happy for reasons unknown to me..
I look out of the window, I feel blessed for having a life just how I dream it to be!
I wish pain was just a word and nothing else...
I wish people could love like its no big deal..
I wish people could laugh their heart out all of a sudden..
I wish everyone was normally weird..
cos weird is fun!

No, its not a poetry if you are wondering.

Just some passing thoughts that came on my mind which I wished to write..

I clicked passionately today..after a week I got time today to learn my Baby.

Bokeh being my thing. I just love it, I have been creating a few since I started doing Photoshop, but all the time I just failed like crazy..

But clicking out of focus stuffs is funny when you are along with your crazy friends!

Sometimes reflection seems better than reality..
Sometimes its too hard to accept a truth!
Trying something new..I love the feeling!

Scaring people nowadays has become an ugly bad habit.
I don't like rules. I break rules a lot these days.

I love dogs, and cats and all other animals that I find cute except for hippopotamus . 
I hate people who treat animals badly. I wish I could punish those cruel heartless people.
I am getting more emotional.
Dreamy defines me.
Funny does as well.
So does weird.
And this is just a random post.
Don't read.
Love you all.
Take care.



  1. Well you warned us not to read, but I couldn't stop myself from going through it :-P

    I like the way you have mastered this art of Bokeh. Photography is now surely a child's play for you, with such beautiful feathers on your cap, err, camera, at the moment. Keep on writing and keep on clicking buddy :-)

  2. I love everything weird. I am somewhat weird myself. :D
    Awesome post!

  3. i hate rules, i love animals and i am a dreamer as well.

    +To Me It Matters+

  4. I loved how such simple thoughts have been translated into such a beautiful post. You are brilliant with words!


  5. Love the girl angel captured by you-I lover her eyes ! I also love bokeh...I experiment with it so much !
    And loved reading your thoughts too. These thoughts gave me so much joy today. just by reading your thoughts about life...about yourself...simple yet beautifully expressed..
    "I guess everyone was normally weird"- I love the beauty of this thought !
    keep writing and keep us inspired,
    have a lovely day !


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