*Wide awake dreaming

I speak through my dreams,
Reality pours its gin onto my throat.

I spit, I vomit, I try to run away from it.

I end up crying all alone,
Sitting on a deserted home!
Broken, shattered, its glass panels!

My tears frozen with time,
Yet my heart bleeds red as always.

I wonder if it’s all real.
I wonder if the sun is red or my eyes.

It's red anyway,
Only a few days left to die.

I can read my future now,
It's as clear as mountain water,
Am living on the edge as death mimics my life!


*insomniac me writes stuff like this*
Don't blame me for it :D
See ya,
Got a lot of stuffs to update but am late now.


  1. I love the imagery... very powerful.


    swaney e

  2. there is a magic in ur writng!! done well...GOD LOVE YOU!!!

    1. Hey there, thanks for those words, made my day :)

  3. Insomnia..the seed of creativity for so many..:-D

  4. It's usually the lonely nights or sleepless nights that bring out the best in us!!

    +To Me It Matters+

  5. I am mad at your words,really...the way you write and capture your emotions is awsomely unique..i wish i could write the way you write...it really touched my heart...

    1. omg zarnab, you made me smile, I feel so happy right now. I am glad to have readers like you, have a great week :)

  6. Wow wow wow ... well done ... this was just like an Enrique song ... probably he will sing it along with you :-)

  7. I admire the way you write, strong emotions, simple yet powerful words and it really can make a connection with the soul of the reader. I can see that for you, insomnia = creativity ! AT night, thoughts really run deep for me too !

    1. Thanks a ton, am out of words, I just can't say how much I feel happy after reading your thought, connecting with the soul of a reader is a huge task! I just wrote my emotions :)

  8. Omg. In Insomania brings out such brilliance in your works, I wonder how wonderful you'd be at normal. :)
    Keep writing such amazing stuff.
    It suffices for the crave of awesomeness :)

    1. I am crazy when am just plain normal. You are too cute at normal I think, thanks for such nice words :D


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