*Breathing life

Broken and shattered my thoughts would be,
Am rising from death like a phoenix!
Feelings try to cover my wound with pain,
But I throw it away like an uninvited guest.

Sadness crawls up my body from within,
Deep within am living in a box full of dream.

Sunshine peeks through the darkness of night,
A new day,
A new sunrise!

Dawn of life and death…
I simply enjoy the blissful art of breathing life!


Today I decided to post something right after I woke up, I miss scribbling my thoughts so much these days,
I know am not a writer, yet I miss writing my thoughts and emotions, that's what it is to me!
I am clicking a lot of bokeh, I learnt at last, and that too manually. I am loving it.
Is it weird? Well, I think ranting about bokeh like this might seem a bit weird to normal people, but who cares, am not normal.. :P
Life seems wonderful right now,
Sometimes I feel I am being monitored by God or some other power of this world,
its like this, when something bad happens I feel too bad about it,
and suddenly I get all the good news about me and that makes me CRAZILY happy.
I used caps for crazily cos I get crazy most of the time,
am sorta hyper my bro says :P
but anyways, enough writing my blog today,
mom is scolding me..oopsie!!!
I gotta run.
Will be back soon.
 Love you. Take care. :)


  1. Sure you would meet your Prince Charming one day like Cinderella :-P

    Well that was a nice poem ... full of thoughts and feelings ... do keep us posted with more of your bokeh shots ... I am sure they are amazing !!!

    1. Thanks Green speck :)
      Will share them..pretty soon!

  2. "Sunshine peeks through the darkness of night," Beautiful!
    Keep writing ..can understand you when you said that can't stop writing about your thoughts and emotions...same with me too ! Looking forward to your new bokeh shots,take care,

    1. I feel so bad for blogging so less these days..but writing up my emotions is something that I can't stay away from! I will surely update them.
      Take care :)

  3. haha, I just about to comment but La Dolce Vita had written exactly like I thought! Beautiful, keep writing, looking forward to your bokeh:). I also personally like the word 'shattered', it would be my word of the day! Oh, I haven't could express in poets for such long time...I'm glad you made it! Have an inspiring week, Dark Angel...

    Naty Ponders Style Blog
    Chachamisu Photography Blog

  4. nicely written :)
    i have to fight with my brain to write what i want to or what i should, on my blog! :/


  5. Writing is the best company. Everyone has so much to tell :)
    +To Me It Matters+

  6. Hi DA :)

    Lovely post.
    "But I throw it away like an uninvited guest." Beautifully written.
    Don't worry, just take out time each day to express your thoughts coherently in one place, you'll do fine.
    Keep posting :)



  7. Dear follower friend iam hear to say thanks for all support…ur support my success…Keep writing & reading…waiting to hear more…good luck…GOD<3U


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