Dress to express not impress!


I am fond of dressing up since I first saw myself on the mirror. I used to talk with myself in front of the mirror, and my mom laughed at my cuteness. I dressed up like my mom!
I used to wear my brother's shirt, which would look like maxi. Hah! I was a hilarious kid!
Though am not blessed with perfect hourglass figure, I don't mind trying new things even though I know I might look bad, but guess what, its always good to be slightly imperfect in some way!
Trying something new is really exciting!
 I think dressing is a way of expressing oneself. 
Being perfect doesn't matter, it matters how you carry yourself.
For that reason I am sharing a few outfits that would surely catch eyes..
its the season to dress after all!

These two below goes perfectly as an evening wear for wedding or a reception..

The details:Earring, Salwar-kurta set, Bracelet, Sandal, Clutch, Chain.

The details: Chain, Salwar-kurta set, Bracelet, Clutch, Sandal, Earring.

Sarees define womanhood! And I love it..trying to get a grip..I love experimenting..below two looks..

The details: Set, Saree, Bracelet, Sandal.

The details: Earring, Saree, Sandal, Chain.

As the color of my outfit collection seems to be of same family and so here are the makeup items that you will need to complete the whole look.

The details: Mousse foundation, Eyeshadow, Lip gloss, Nail color, Mascara, and you would need liner for perfect smoky eyes, to get that use gel liner

Shopping is a girls best hobby and Shoppers stop is one of my favorite spot whenever am in need to buy something, be it salwar, kurta or makeup.
So here's my Shoppers stop perfect look contest post.
I would definitely love to wear these outfits, as I got really hooked into it. I smell shopping around the corner yay!


This is a part of Shoppers stop The Perfect Look Contest, and so the images used are from their site.

I thank Shoppers Stop and Indiblogger for coming up with such an interesting contest. I enjoyed participating.


  1. FAR from being a fashion expert, I nevertheless like color, and have an eye for it.
    And you are blessed with a talent to match, mix, mingle, combine and meld colors. And fabrics, And styles. And these become a most pleasant expression of yourself.

    Guess it is "beauty" I like/love, whether in a floral petal, seeds on a dying weed, or gowns to be worn at weddings.


    1. Thanks for your wonderful feedback Steve..take care :)

  2. :-) Well would surely have liked some pics of your own here...playing 'dress up'..:-D
    But anyway, presentation is good as usual...Good going!!!

  3. LOve the stuff over here!!!and love the lines fading in the horizons...i made the same one but it was "Fading in distances:p.....

  4. "I think dressing is a way of expressing oneself."

    That is so true, love the quote. We discussed once at college when communication starts, and it's not only about talking or writing. When you leave your house you already start communicating, just by the way you're dressed. What you wear, which colors, etc, shows your personality. When you wear something you don't like, people will notice that you don't feel well. But you're confident when you do wear something you like. Clothes make people. And what would we be without it???

    I really love your blog and you have a great taste!!!


    1. I appreciate how you went through the post and gave an honest and valuable feedback on such topic. Yes, dressing indeed is quite a task, and it should be taken seriously else one might end up like someone out of nowhere!
      Thanks for those sweet words..hope you have an amazing week.
      Take care :)

  5. Replies
    1. Wishes are many..yet..we gotta live with the few choices :)

  6. The same dress looks different on different women for everyone gives her special touch to it, so the dress you wear always will express something about your character.
    Thanks for sharing your words all through the year.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Dark Angel.
    A hug,

    1. It does. And guess what..I still am in the verge of getting a grip!
      Thanks..wish you Merry Christmas and a happy and awesome new year ahead..take care :)


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