Night makes me lonely...makes me strong...
I lie on my bed thinking all alone.

Thoughts multiply...dream follows...
Fag or booze...I smell em all.

Fingers crawl through the decayed feeling…
I try to strum the real meaning.

But all I see
Just an empty me
Singing a chorus like a lullaby

Sitting near the mirror…
That had been broken twice...
Stabbing in pity...
My soiled soul!


To be honest, I feel so bad for not blogging these days. This place is one of my favorite place on earth apart from my own home..Its a part of me.

To be frank, I was always a lazy kid..as in I was and until few days back I was cozily lazy..but yeah..I guess its time to grow up..and I realize now that 24hr is just too less for a day and night....why not 24 hrs day and 24hrs night? That would have been fun :D...but sadly that is not happening....and so it is affecting quite a few things like blogging, shopping, going out for movies..etc 

When am at home..all I do is study or click pictures or watch some cool movies..mostly actions and adventures..and romantic ones only when I feel bored, okay I have been reading a lot about my camera which is a DSLR, which means there are loads of manual stuffs to do..I tried a new thing yesterday and it was crazily bad :( 
But I won't give up I promise.

I clicked bokehs..a lot..that too was some night last week..
night inspires me..makes me feel good for the things that I have done or for the things that are yet to happen!
There is always two sides of a coin..so why not a good side of something bad?
If I feel bad about something..I will be sad and depressed and some crazy lunatic person.
Why not see the good side and keep our hearts fresh and active? 
I don't like those Advertisement on Television about those oils for keeping heart fresh and active..
its all in the mind!
So think wisely..and don't come to a conclusion too fast..
I never do!
Conclusions were never my favorite thing!

This post is just something that I wanted to share..
I am tying this for like 10 minutes..
I didn't plan anything at all!
My life never goes on plan..so is my blog post!
I love my blog..and all the cute people who reads it without complaining 
thanks a bunch..love you all..and stay happy no matter what the situation is..smile and do whatever you want to do.
will be back asap
take care and keep smiling :)


  1. The best things in life are unplanned, and so is your blog :-)

  2. i just found me!empty me!love the poem!your words are always deep!

    1. Deep are the thoughts..nights make us think this way!
      thanks Zb :)

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    1. Thanks for inviting for the giveaway mespeel.
      Have a wonderful week :)

  4. What fun is your blog...and yet, serious. I enjoy reading here.
    You wrote:
    "...Conclusions were never my favorite thing!"
    Neither were they ever my favorite--and I know now WHY.
    Conclusion often implies commitment.
    When I conclude something in my life must change,
    I hesitate, because I do NOT want to change, even though I have "concluded"...

    Like drink booze. I knew I was alcoholic for many years.
    It was not my favorite thing--the conclusion-- that I had to stop
    the chaotic life, the whirlwind life, the craziness, the INSANITY!

    For I know that to stop was a commitment. Scary!
    However, I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous in March 18, 1974,
    and have not had a drink since. And absolutely I LOVE the Way of Living sober. WORLDS of opportunity have opened (NOTE: They always did, but I never responded, HA!)

    Here am I nearly age 80, should have been dead 30 years ago, had I kept
    living the life of an alcoholic/addict.

    WHY am I writing this? Just like yourself, it was NOT planned, it just evolved
    from a starting point--which I have forgotten--grin!!!!

    Best wishes for you, girl.

    PS. Oh YESS! I LOVE your poem. Hope it is not biographical.
    REALLY hope.

    1. I love reading your thoughts on my posts. Conclusion is never my favorite thing cos maybe I never want something to end so fast. But conclusion for things that would change someone for better is a good thinking. I appreciate your decision. Its really hard to give up something that one is really addicted to.
      Your decision changed your life for good, wow! I feel great to know a little something about you, sitting back here almost some thousand miles away.
      I really loved reading your spontaneous thoughts :)
      And no, the poem ain't biographical, just some thoughts that passed by at the dead of night, blame insomnia!

  5. awww. i really love your poem. "But all I see, just an empty me" -love this! & I also feel that there's so much to do, but so little time. that's life. but keep writing & blogging. you're an inspiration, & one of my favorite people here on blogspot!:) TC.

    1. Aww..thanks Alex. Life is really so short. I never stop to live, cos who knows whats in store for future!
      You are one of the cutest blogger I love reading. Take care :)

  6. True ! There are not one but so many conclusions...looked at from different perspectives...life is always evolving...emptiness is a fact of the soul. ..
    Blogging is also my favorite place, maybe I can never stop writing...
    Loved your poem.., its very deep and says a lot about your current state of mind, which I feel is a mix of both emptiness and fulfillment...I can see that you are very fulfilled and happy with your DSLR and your photography.happy to see you being absorbed in photography/creativity, it is our friend in trying times.
    take care,

    1. I am busy with almost everything these days. Blogging is a way for me to speak through written words.
      Thoughts change..I don't..these are just passing ones!
      I am totally into bokeh's as of now.
      Creativity is my hobby.
      Take care :)

  7. Often opportunities come disguised as misadventures. It's just our take on things as we see it. In our rush to make conclusions we end up seeing only a part of the situation and not the complete situation in itself. Awesome, inspiring words Angel!

  8. Love the way your mind swirls through your thoughts..

    1. and its the nights that makes me think deep!
      Thanks for visiting Zeba :)


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