Why do people think its too hard to be happy? well, the fact is people are busy trying to figure life while in the way they actually forget to live.

I don't know why do people think its too hard to get something they want, people make things complicated. 

These days all sort of things are keeping me busy.

Some says love makes them happy,
eating favorite chocolate makes them happy,
having good morning messages from someone they love makes them happy,
seeing other people happy makes them happy,
or partying with friends makes them happy! and the list for happiness goes on.

But experimenting new stuffs makes me happy. 

All life is an experiment and learning is the biggest wonderful art I figured out. I don't like reading for long hours cos I always slip to imagining all the possibilities and at times I think the weirdest things that are beyond imagination.

Falling in love and eating dark chocolate is a same thing for me. So if I need love I will buy a dark chocolate. Simple thing. End of story.

When I have nothing to do and my mind is just pure blank I start doing something that I never did.
just like the other night while I was busy chatting with people who doesn't seem to have mind (by that I don't mean someone who would be reading this blog :P) I literally felt bored. I got up and suddenly thought to experiment something I was in love with for a long time..

and these what happened...

People say "not possible"..I agree but in a different way!

Yes. I have done all the impossible stuffs according to few people with a cheap torch which costs like 15 bucks, and no special Photoshop touch except the blue tint.

And the perfect heart I did yesterday morning, yes yes I am just too happy. I know now, I love light trails more than chocolates. :D

So, yeah that's pretty much of what really keeps me busy apart from designing!


One of my cute blogger buddy Reina nominated me for liebster blog award and she asked to state 10 random facts about myself..

so here they are

1)I am a dreamer.

2) I love to eat things that my brother hates and vice versa.

3) I always remember to switch off my alarm before it rings.

4) I love to eat ice cream, sodas all over the year.

5) I can literally live on chocolates, pasta and corn.

6) I happen to imagine a lot of stuff that are yet to happen and accidentally they really happen the same way I imagined.

7) I fall in love without prior notification.

8) I love spending time talking to animals and birds. 

9) I am a left hander and people who sees me writing always gets curious about me! Weird!

10) I am shy at first, and hilarious later.

The questions she asked:

What's your name:

I happen to have a good name which I really love but that happens to be my official name, but I happen to be an unofficial person..so yeah am Dark Angel! If you ever see me ever cos we don't stay at a same place,  do call me by this name..I will answer for sure ;)

How long have you been blogging?

For a year.

Will you check out my Youtube channel?

I already did and I loved it. You should totally do some more videos.

If the world was covered in lava while zombies were chasing you, what would you do?

I would act like am a zombie as well, like the movie shaun of the dead ;)

What music you like?

I like all sorts of music. Coldplay being my latest favorite, then comes simple plan, green day, alice in chains, pantera, bryan adams, shania twain, rihanna, michael jackson, abba etc

Are you insane?

Weird defines me better.

Summer or winter?

Winter all the time.

Heaven or hell?

Heaven is for people who are boring, I would choose hell.

Did you like school?

I liked my high school better, but I liked my friends more than school.

Will you be my friend?

We already are :)

I don't really follow rules that much and am a bit lazy now, so I won't share this award with anyone but me ha ha! 

Signing off now!
Take care.


  1. You really did achieve impossible with a torch and blue tint. God bless you and your camera. :-D

  2. You really made me think with this post ... lots of maturity in your writing ... and ya, you are creative as always ... the perfect heart is more than perfect :-)

    Congrats for the award ... it was nice to know about you :-)

  3. Congrats on the blog award :)

  4. that's brilliant work!! i don't think i have seen anything like this before (i am talking about the light thing). i think, you visited my blog when you had nothing to do and your mind was pure blank. enjoyed reading this post!!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts debajyoti. No I was having a normal busy mind when I visited your blog :)

  5. The Light effect you did was so beautiful it put me in a trance lol.

    Also i loved getting to know more interesting facts about you . I think the fact that you turn off your alarm before it rings is amazing how do you know when it'll ring? .

    Also i loved your answers to my questions and realized we have alot in common!

    About the youtube channel i am currently working on my next video and should upload a 30 sec preview rather soon like in a few weeks, so please look forward to it !

    1. Trance? I have them only when I listen to trance music, lol jk :D
      Thanks :) and yes you wouldn't believe but I wake up just 1 min before the alarm would ring and I just turn off the alarm and sleep for an hour extra!!
      Ya, sure I would visit soon!

  6. So beautifully written . Loved your blog.
    If you want we can follow each other via GFC , if yes follow me & I will surely follow back!


  7. You have such a beautifuil life because you make it :)
    I love the facts of you. You are wonderful.

    "Heaven for bored people" it makes me laugh haha :D okay my friend I hope you have beautiful day and send me one of your happiness :)

    1. Aww, thanks precious :)
      hahaaa..sorry, but am not much peaceful you see :D
      you have a beautiful day as well :)


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