Things always happen for a reason..just like this blog happened one year back..I found myself through this blog..the person I am..I discovered myself.

I know lately I am not updating my blog like I used to..and I miss it so much..and all other people who I've known through blogging.

Right now there are so many thoughts that are just passing through..and some thoughts cant be expressed through words.

Not in mood to write poetry cos am just too busy clicking almost anything..last night I was busy clicking kitty pictures.

I envy her nails..aww so pretty :D

her mamma is not liking my idea of clicking their pictures!

and the cute little kitty is busy playing with stuffs that belongs to the garbage! oh child!!

I cant define how much I loved her playing around like this..so precious!

few days back I stalked while everyone was busy minding their business!

so that's pretty much what am into these days..life is awesome only if you see that way..one needs eye to see love and beauty that can be found almost anywhere.

I always wonder what's there to write..what is really left to write..sometimes I feel are my thoughts really mine? if they are..why do I find them already said by someone else? Why do I feel like am following a road that's already been traveled by someone?

Does it happen to you..when you see night sky blue..
a feeling of loneliness ever cross your mind?
Do you think you are the one..
feeling the worldly pain when
everyone else is busy dipping on the river love?
Do you feel sad knowing your love is lying unnoticed
when you are ready to fall for more?
Do you feel you are alone in a crowded room,
faces covered with masks hiding disgrace?
I felt the same..
you are walking the road that I took..
you are dreaming the thoughts I dared to think..
all you are doing were already done..
thoughts are same..only mind that differs!

not a poetry if you are wondering..just some thoughts that I penned down long back.

I wish to dive into my thoughts a lot more.
Suddenly am growing up fast..so fast that I didn't get the time to realize!
It's a nice journey I would say.
I will miss winter once its gone...have to wait for December..anyway.
wish all the love and luck.
signing off


  1. Beuatiful pictures and thoughts here :)
    you are really talented?
    I've been wondering if you come from India.
    Sending you my hugs and prayer.
    I just wanted to let you know sometimes we feel lonely but someone is watching over us.

    Have a beautiful day! taking more pictures surely inspires you to share your thoughts here.

    1. So kind of you my dear friend. I am from India.
      Yes, you are right..someone is always watching us!
      Have a wonderful week.and yes photography is just a way of expressing oneself, and I just try doing that!
      I love your philosophical thoughts, and so is your blog which gives me a reason to feel good about everything :)

  2. The pictures are lovely! And sometimes I feel the same as you, like my thoughts seem to be already said. But like you mentioned, the mind differs :)

  3. Beautiful imagery and moving poetry !
    Keep it up !

  4. "Life is awesome only if you see that way..one needs eye to see love and beauty that can be found almost anywhere." You have really grown up :-)

  5. Love reading your posts...only minds differ!..true like i also think to be alone in crowd and people having mask on their faces...so true!love the words you penned:D

    1. Ha ha..thanks for loving my thoughts which were just so random :)

  6. Awwwww...you weave magic with your camera and words.

    1. and you weave magic with your feedback's!

  7. The kitty is so damn cute! And your pics are awesome!
    I think everybody has this kinda feeling of loneliness.. for me it is something that I enjoy :))

    p/s: think you've missed the snake pics; it is here: http://fida-sunshine.blogspot.com/2012/12/holidays-me.html


    1. Thank you..I love this kitty!!
      I love being alone..cos this is the time I can think without any disturbance!
      Yes, I missed it..sorry, and thanks for giving the link :D

  8. The cat is adorable!!!!
    At least you are not alone being miserable if there are more walking the same path as you. No matter what, you are an individual. That will always make you unique even if you share similarities with someone else.

    1. Thanks for such lovely thought Sui, never thought that way :)

  9. Your honesty is touching my heart. The poem is haunting and beautiful. The pics. washing hands - I likealot.

    1. The poem happened while I was struggling to sleep..thanks for finding beauty in it, means a lot..and yeah, thanks for appreciating those pictures :)

  10. cat is so cute! your writing is fantastic. very inspiring. now following. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment. hope you can return again soon and follow too. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks for the love gigi, would surely follow back :)

  11. Lovely blog :)
    I definitely follow you...would you like to follow each other?


    xoxo Nancy S.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nancy, will check your blog asap :)


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