My tears frozen with time, 
my love cold and fragile, 
hoping things might change,
but hope is what keeps me alive!

Sinking deep into macro feelings! Thoughts never seem to stop. Just like the poem Ulysses my thoughts seem never ending! To match my thoughts with something worth, I clicked some pictures. Smoke gives me a sad sorta feeling, well I can't exactly define the feeling, but it gives some weird uncommon feeling, I won't say that's a bad feeling but that ain't good either!

I love having those sudden feelings that makes me happy or sad!

Deep tranquility all around me.

I would rather enjoy the feeling.
Will be back soon.

Last day of Jan!

Enjoy people!

and Happy February :)


  1. Lovely pics ... they look so intriguing and deep ... well done ma'am !!!

  2. I love the quote of Martin Luther, one of my favorites :)
    You have deep words here and like beautiful poem.


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