*Color me dream

Wanna fly away to a land of colors, a land where dreams are reality, and the reality is just a bad dream!
Want to own a candy house and a chocolate waterfall. A place like those we see in movies.

A lot of things I planned didn't go my way but I realized it was for good!
Last week was too busy and awesome!
Received my runners up badge from shopper's stop contest!
Latest craze tangerine!
In love with birds and pug!
Shopped late at night around 1 am from Jabong, which is due for its review!
Clicked almost random photographs of anything and everything I saw nearby.
I figured out something..things we want to forget are the things that are here to stay with us, and things we always want to remember are the things you forget at once. For example, I still remember a password that I am supposed to forget, and forgot a password which was too important to lose.

Love is in the air!! errr I mean commercialized love is in the air! Today according to people is Promise day...and what's that supposed to mean? I would promise to be yours forever? or promise me you will be mine forever? is it always this sweet? awww..I wish life was as simple as these 7 days seem like! 
Not against anything, its just that some things fail to impress me!

Lights are my favorite thing for photography!

and they blind me with their love..

Home is where you can find love..

Let's fly away to that fairy place in search of true love.


  1. I pray that you'll be fine my friend, and I love the last picture. :)

  2. very cool photos the first one is awesome did you make that in photoshop of something

  3. Oh the colors speak to me and how!

  4. Such an amazing talent you have within yourself.
    Keep outshining yourself :)
    Take Care!

    1. Thank you sweet :)
      take care and have a great weekend!

  5. Goodness...this was some amazingly beautiful writing.

  6. I love your bird pics ... you understand them too well !!!


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