Shopping fun with Jabong

Hello there,

I have been planning to share something since few days. So, today I finally got time.
As everyone is quite aware of online shopping, and I too have quite a lot said about Jabong here and here  its not new anymore to anyone, but the offers are. They are coming up with amazing offers and discounts everyday which at times makes me to think about earning money on my own. Which I might do pretty soon, fingers crossed!!

So anyways, back to where I started...I made a purchase last week using my winning voucher that I won last year December.

Late at night, when everyone was busy sleeping, I was wide awake dreaming, and got bored in the way and thought I would do something better, so walked into using my mouse and searched the kurti's section, and just right away found the stuffs I need.

1, 2

Okay, my face pretty much says that I am happy and I know it, hahaa!

I ordered my stuffs late at night around 1, and the next day it got dispatched and I received my stuff the following day, i.e within 1 working day I received the things I ordered. Which is so cool!

The kurti's are quality wise good, and price wise affordable.

The packaging was nice and sturdy, none can steal :D

I loved and had a great time shopping.

and and and..I love their customer service as well, haha! I made them crazy and they know it :P

I found a kurti from the brand W, which I never saw at our shopping mall and so I gladly bought it. really has some awesome collection and now I officially love their advertisement!
 Way to go Spread your awesomeness world over! 

Okay, so this is pretty much what I really wanted to say today. I had to share my awesome shopping experience and so I did.

Have a nice weekend everyone,

Take care!


  1. happy fish1 :-D

  2. Beautiful kurti !
    Will get back to your mail soon !

  3. Such a pretty dress!

  4. Product was delivered the very next day after placing the order. It is really amazing. Packaging is very good. Hope the same to be continued. Really a good service from jabong.

    1. Glad to know you too had a nice experience like me. Thanks for sharing :)


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