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Anyone remembers about their first haircut? Well, I do!. That was the worst day of my life and I felt 100 years of sadness all at once.

Yes - my life started with haircuts and haircuts because God blessed me with head full of black and messy hair which I loved like anything and everyone in my class were green eyed about it.  My class teachers hated for no reason and always asked me to cut it as short as it could be.  In a sense, they did a good thing as it was really intolerable to control them and keep them nicely styled.

Whenever I used to watch movies where girls had long lustrous braids I felt sad, yet I dreamt of having pretty locks once I grow up into a lady. Growing up in a hot and humid part of India, keeping long hair is pretty tough for most of us. From childhood, I was sensitive to heat, and I developed heat rashes during summers, so my mom took me to the saloons to have boy's cut.  I cried for days and then I forgot about those dreams of having long lustrous hair which I could tie into braids, though still had a tinge of hope that someday my dream would come true.

I grew up like a tomboy and I acted like one as well, credit goes to my boy's cut hair. I made friends easily with the guys, and my best friend no doubt was a cute guy. I had a lot of friends who had this long and nice hair, and they were all girly type just unlike me, but I couldn't change myself because my hair wasn't growing long anymore - it stopped growing once it reached shoulder length, and my dreams seemed to crash in front of my eyes, almost.

Rapunzel locks? Only in fairy tales and only those who are lucky enough to be blessed by God are the only ones to possess such a treasure! Sadness was a part of me, and I hid it inside a secret chamber in my heart which none could ever see.

When I hit 15, my hairs started to fall, a lot. I had bad hair days almost everyday. I had sticky hair, and dry hair. My hair suddenly turned wavy; though earlier I had nice curly hair, but now it turned into ugly wavy hair. I stopped looking at the mirror only to avoid the fact that I had the world's worst hair.  I knew I wasn't beautiful but I wasn't ugly either, but my hair made me look like an ever complaining and nagging ugly lady.

Days passed by and I forgot how to look beautiful just like other girls of my age flaunting their beautiful long lustrous hair. I stopped trying different shampoos and herbal stuffs because their effect didn't last long enough and also probably caused hair fall.

A very close friend of mine used to come everyday in class with long braids which touched her waist. It was so thick; I used to look at it like I am lost in it forever. I really envied her hair.  I wished I could replace her place and her braids would be mine, just with a magic spell - how cool is that? I wished magic really happened for real.  But when you ask for something just too much, God gets fed up and takes that away a lot more.

I passed 12th and got myself into a college, but my college days ended up into a total hair disaster and it seemed to take a toll on my career and life as well.

I tried anti dandruff shampoos, and almost everyday I applied curd, honeys, lemon and what not ?
I played with my split ends and cut that into two and made fun of it when I got really tired of everything else.

I stopped thinking about my hair, and one day suddenly I took a scissor and cut the front portion into a Chinese cut. I looked pretty for a while and my face looked better but that was the worse decision I ever made, because after few days my hair started falling off, and I experienced female pattern baldness. I had to take a step and I took the decision of cutting my hair short into steps and layer and start a therapy.

The next day I went to have a haircut, and from the following day, I started a herbal therapy.  But sadly there was no improvement, and there was a time when my hair suddenly got so rough that I couldn't run my fingers through my hair, and they started breaking and splitting even more and the tips of hair started to turn brown.
I stopped trying everything, and I went to have a short, I mean just too short haircut in hopes to undone whatever damage has been done till now.

Just like a breaking dawn, while blogging, I came across an advertisement posted by dove about a product which claimed to be the solution of hair problems, just like mine. As one last frantic effort to save my hair with no real trust on that product I applied for a free sample.

Day 1 I was like totally confused whether to trust or not, and it continued until day 3 when I thought its okay to give it a try. Day 6 I realized its not always bad to trust, and within a week my hair seemed like it was born once again!

To my utter surprise as if a sheer miracle, I saw the rebirth of my hair in front of my own eyes within a week of using the product i.e. Dove hair therapy split end rescue shampoo and conditioner! I was so excited that I called up my friend whom I envied the most for her long lustrous hair and set a date for a hangout. I regained my confidence back, and the whole world was once again turned upside. I fell in love with my mirror and I got tempted to utter those famous lines from snow white and they were "mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" and indeed my shiny new hair made me look fairer than ever before. I don't know how to repay my debt of gratitude for dove in putting their hard work towards the making of this product and gifting new life to thousand of girls like me who are lost in their ways in the endeavor of that perfect hair which would bring an instant smile to the beholder and the owner of the healthy lustrous hair alike. Now I am sure that I am not very far from the day when I would see myself in front of my mirror smiling and running my fingers through my long lustrous hair, and none can stop my childhood dreams to see the light of the day with the caring help of dove.

I just want to say I love you dove for making my day, everyday.

This is my entry for "Beautiful Ends to Your Beautiful Braids" contest held by indiblogger in association with Dove.

All the information stated here are my personal experience and not of someone else. Thank you.


  1. I can so relate to your childhood story...i too had cropped boy cut hair and Rapunzel tresses were a dream :D but thankfully...I never had those scary split ends....
    Your hair looks gorgeous in those pics :)
    Thanks for following my blog (I noticed you there just a few days back ...sowie) Following you back now ^_^

  2. I love dove products!

    mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback! :)

  3. wow :-) really very interesting post :-) loved your expressions :-)


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