*Let it rain a little

Just when I thought to say goodnight to the day that went pretty well, my mind reminded me of something I love dearly.
Yes, my blog.
I have been planning to write for a long time, but things kept me busy, and no am not complaining cos I love being busy.

So yeah, had an awesome week, 
watched great movies, 
completed my assignments, 
got a mail to write for an article and what not?
oh yes, I now officially own my favorite nailcolors from colorbar range which I wanted to own for a longggggg time.
I have a hugeeee collection of nailcolors right now, I feel guilty *time for charity*
I love  neon, and all I ask when I go to shop is do you have anything neon? hahahaa
My lashes are growing day by day, and I don't need mascara anymore, gosh I bought one but I don't find it useful enough cos I already have weird big lashes. My secret? rubbing almond oil at night with cotton ;)

Just a thought I had right now..

When am busy building sand castles on the shore,
I see a shadow breaking it to scores.
My mind asks me to run away from it,
run for life? selfish?! am I?
Oh, no...not me!

okay, certain things are better left unexplained, just like the thought I had just now,
its kinda weird, and I cant figure out exactly what my mind is upto,
guess I would say good night now
will write soon here
till then, spread love!


  1. http://a-shared-thought.blogspot.ca/2013/03/creative-blogger-award.html

    For you :D

  2. I just love how random your words are. very nice work there... what a nice fragment... ^^
    xesex82.blogspot.com exchange links?

  3. Loved the love floating in the air :-)

  4. Funny, I just painted my nail tips neon pink. Must be spring :)


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