*Melancholy of happiness

You can have my heart,
But not my soul,
If you wish I would not disclose
The pains I endured.

The moments gone,
Yet the pain seems young,
Here I lie,
On the lonely shore!

Shadows and dusts,
Thousands pass,
This a dream I wished to dream,
Ahh.. at last!

Melancholy of happiness I would say. Sadly happy you should read.
When things go right, I don't know how to react or what to say. 
Been sleeping the whole day, and I feel awake now, no mood to fall asleep.
Coldplay and Elvis on my mind.

Visited a place, a silent and peaceful place this weekend, and I didn't wish to return from there, I was asking if this was my house, and what if this was my balcony, and blah! gosh am so dreamy, and I dream when am awake, and I love the feeling, as if I am living but not living at that very place, well I cant define that feeling exactly, at least not now.

Some pictures I clicked to show how happy the place made me.

The poem suddenly came on my mind, I was thinking of something which would go with the picture!

Majhi re the popular song by Shaan from the movie Bong connection is the only song I am singing whenever am seeing this picture. even now.

I wish to visit a lot more places like this, I want to see and explore the beauty of nature more and more!

Two awesome blogger buddies nominated me for Liebster and creative blogger award, 
and I should be doing the posts soon, this time I should nominate all the good bloggers out there, I am learning how to be generous and kind you see :P

Will be back with awards post soon,
till then,

take care and keep blogging and be happy for reasons unknown and laugh till you get tired, and laugh a bit more after that :)


  1. You have a very nice thing happening there. From sadness to happiness. From poetry to photography. From the things you've posted to me, having the melancholy of happiness now. ^^

  2. Lovely pics ... the quotes are really motivating ... and your poem is quite good ... it's always a pleasure to read your posts !!!

  3. Oh wow! I love it!

    You're very talented!

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it :) x

  4. Greetings of the day & thanks giving to my dear readers for ur support..keep in touch..GOD<3U

  5. I loved the pictures and may i use some of them for my posts?:p...Your words always prove a tonic to my thoughts:D

  6. The first picture is awesome ! So is the B&W picture of the boat and the picture of the person {shadow} walking away...beautiful ! After a long time, I am reading your poem, it touched my soul. I hope you are doing well. Wrote you a mail right now, do check and take care,

  7. Nice..
    Check out my blog and follow if you like/.:)



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