Isn't it really nice
When I know I cant write a lyrics on my own
But every word I speak sounds right?

I wish life was a fairy tale though,
Romancing around huge apple trees,
Writing is so much fun,
But miracles never seem to happen with me!

I am walking down a muddy road,
Of obstacles so hard to move,
Scratches, uh...a slight wound,
Nope, am still good to go!

Waving at strangers,
A glistening smile is a lovely gift,
Faking tears when things go right,
I love what I am doing!

Speaking my mind,
Scribbling thoughts,
Creating memories,
They do really last, trust me!

Waking up watching sunrise,
Sipping favorite cup of chai,
Love was never life,
Cos..life means love to me!


Okay, so everybody wants to know what the real meaning of life really is?
So here it goes…
Truth is that, people ruins the meaning of life while they are busy searching for it, cos life according to me is nothing but a magical mystery, a feeling of uncertainty mixed with surprise, joy, laughter, pain, tears and so on!
Life is mystery, experience, which makes us better for the days to come! You can live by doing two simple things, they are "nothing" and "something" while some choose to do nothing, and some are busy doing something, but in both cases life goes on, and time doesn't stand still.

Whatever we are doing today are nothing but creating history for tomorrow. How we are dealing with people would be remembered as good or bad memories.

I hate being sad for anything, and if things doesn't go right I just pick them up and throw them to the dustbin. It's that easy.

So, live whatever way you want to, but never blame the other one for your own little happiness, cos you create your own happiness or sadness!

So, go on and create some good memories!

I have been really happily busy with things and all, now I decided to finish some works that are pending.

On good notes, I am a proud owner of a really pretty sling bag, thanks to Jabong!
and I have this really nice smelling shampoos right near my desk in a cute little white pouch, thanks to dove!

And there was this short trip to a seaside nearby Kolkata, and that went well, on that later.

I am having a bad headache right now, haha, blame ice cream and soda this evening, nobody knows except me, now you know, so let's keep it a secret, don't tell ma! :P

I am in a neonish happy mood right now, oh I made that word neonish cos I love anything neon :D

 Some pictures I clicked of the sea..

I couldn't edit this awesome shot my camera clicked, just the watermark, that's it!

Okay, I actually wanted to do the awards post today, but I really didn't get time to write my answers, so I would be updating them pretty soon!

Have a nice week everyone,
take care!


  1. "Love was never life,
    Cos..life means love to me!" - how beautifully you have stated it ... that's how we should all treat our lives, like a gift we need to value ... well done Dark Angel !!

  2. Reflecting on life as you said seems so true.

  3. "Love was never life,
    Cos..life means love to me!" loved this line !!!


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