*and then there was Peace everywhere!

I have been away for a while,
I tried to act mime,
Loving and leaving isn't a choice to make,
But reality is hard to fake.

Slipping into sadness isn't my cup of coffee,
Being tired is a boon for me.

Jealousy standing out of my door,
Finding its path to break into my heart,
Sitting in a corner, trying to hide,
Can I be given love potion?

I can't fake my tears anymore,
A sudden thunder in my pale blue sky,
Waking up in fear of destruction,
But ah….what a relief,
I am welcomed by morning sun instead! 

I missed my blog so much! There's a lot happening these days. For example, I had an awesome food poisoning for a week, and it felt great cos I was at home, doing nothing but sleeping and watching t.v!

Then there was a photo lover's day out. It's a group of cool and talented people, and awesome Photographers unlike me! I was literally spellbound cos of their creativity, talent and their friendly attitude. I felt awesome that I met this group "One day one photo let's click" in short ODOP, The official Facebook page. 

The week was really nice, and I am having busy weekends, oh yes, I am loving my Photography classes as well.

Happy and content.

Some photos of the Cemetery.

There was Peace everywhere! does that mean we live at war? 

I will be writing soon, till then, take care,
and have a great week :)


  1. Nice shots.. Is this the South Park Street Cemetery?

    1. Thanks. It's Lower circular road cemetery!

  2. Glad to "see" you blogging...
    with camera, photogging
    Photos as usual
    all are so beautiful...

    EXCEPT 1st one of crosses in Graveyard. It looks a bit too much "photoshopped" or
    Paint-Shop-Pro'd" to me. Like to now if it came our of camera like that?

    WAITING (impatiently) for your writing muse to return.

    1. Yes, Photoshopped a bit, actually I love the agfa effect :)
      Glad to see you blogging as well :)

  3. Amazing pics Dark Angel ... too creative !!!

  4. Visiting a cemetery is such an other worldly experience. The fragility and the permanence both at the same time! Beautiful pictures! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

    1. Just so true, I loved the feelings, I didn't write much about the cemetery because I think some thoughts are better not to be written :)

  5. What a poetic post! I am very glad that you're back to blogging :)


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