Life is too fragile,
Time is too short,
Living and loving make
Or break us,
For good or for worse!

Moments fade away,
Just like a dried leaf out of a night sky.
Leaping towards the dawn,
For a tinge of tangerine,
To live and love for thousand years or more!

Weekdays or weekends, all seems to be slipping off my hand, days seem numbered, and am literally running!
But the feeling is awesome, am loving it.

Some photos I would love to share today to show everyone what's happening right now in my little world!

Panning after class. Its real fun!

motion blur!

Thought of panning, but motion blurred it.

Trails at night.

Panning and my favorite shot. I need to use tripod, my hands tend to shake if the shutter is too slow :(
btw this is a cricket match between ODOP and KKP (Photographer's group) and ODOP(I belong in this one) won the match :)

yesterday's shot. Had fun in class. 
Yes, I clicked these pictures, and they are 100% real, no Photoshop tricks. I love Photography :D and I love panning.

Some random thoughts that are piling up as I gaze into my computer screen filled with Html codes. I thought of updating my blog with the blogger award Ajay nominated me for. I am late for that. Only two months though! anyway..here's it..

1. How did you end up with your Blog Name?  I meant *start up with....

Well, I love dark and gothic stuffs, and that thing inspired me to come up with the name of this blog!

2. Favorite TV Series?

Full house, That's so raven, Zack and cody, lizzie Maguire! I wish I got my childhood back, I miss these :(

3. What makes you write ?

I tend to think a lot since childhood, but sadly I didn't have a blog back then!

4. Meaning of your name ?

The meaning of my real name is Rhyme as in poetry, and blog name..Dark angel means dark, mysterious and angelic at the same time. 

5. Between Truth and Dare , which choice would you go with ?

Truth, its better! But dare is fun. Wait..I think I will take both ;)

6. Favorite Word/Phrase that you use almost every-time... when pissed/angry/likewise?

"Oh my gooooood?" When am angry, sad or happy. This is what I say. 

7. If you could be anyone in this world, whom would you be? 

I think its better to be me, but I do idolize a few. But still then I don't want to be like them totally :)

8. Favorite Fictional Character? 

Lately its Astro boy! The character made me cry. Then comes Tintin!

9. Craziest thing you have ever done? 

Tried to push a Teacher off  the stairs, cos she was walking slow :P, she thrashed me for that, and I asked my friend if my cheek turned red or not else my mom would catch me :D (class 2 or 3)

10.  One word for my blog. [ Note : Insane, Stupid, Wth? , bla bla have already been used. So, pick up something Nice, plz, plz, plz, plz.... :D ]

Your thoughts are awesome, but one thing I want to say..write and click photos a lot more, cos you are awesome in these things :)

11. If ever there is a chance to meet the author behind this blog, would you meet ? [Plz say Yes! for my 
satisfaction at least... #JustKiddin' :P] So ? 

Yeah, sure!  :)

I want to share this award with everyone I have here, you all make my blog look even more beautiful.
So if you are reading this, you should know you make someone else's life happy with your presence :)
Take care, and keep writing!


  1. I am amazed by the way you can play with pics ... really cool ... and the poem says so much about love and life ... a refreshing post :-)

  2. lovely lines Moments fade away,Just like a dried leaf out of a night sky & apt picture.u r an awesome photographer with some natural clicks.keep clicking &writing,Smiles:)angel.GOD<3U

  3. LOVE this post!! I like that picture of the Cricket match. And I haven't seen Full House for YEARS! haha.

  4. love pics!
    follow your blog, follow each other?
    Visit to my blog:


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